MPs Keep your noses out !

Am I out of order, or is Tessa Jowell MP ?

Ms Jowell is the CULTURE secretary and this morning she has been on the news questioning why the Police (Home Office Department) chose to arrest one of Tony Blair's aides at 0630 as they had received new evidence following her original arrest and nicked her this time, allegedly, for perverting the course of justice (normally means tampering with/concealing evidence or witness interference).

Just who the hell does Ms Jowell think she is - most MPs are crap at running their own departments, including her, so where does she get the time and right to question the home office.

Am I missing something here?? If she was questioning why the RN chose to board a boat in the carribean as they suspected drug smuggling was going on I'm sure we wouldn't be happy.


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Windy Mate they even had (Labour) Lord Putnam on Channel 4 news last night trying to run interferance for her. Surprisingly Jon Snow didn't give him an easy time either.
I bet her shredder was overheating a while back. Corrupt bstards.


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I agree windy mate. It has bugger all to do with her but then part of being an MP is all about self-interest. Perhaps she feels this is a way to get her name in the media for showing an interest in areas outside her baliwick. It is extremely unlikely that she would have considered the fact that she was undermining the police in the conduct of their duties.

Maybe she has something to hide?

The whole waste of public money fiasco will come to nowt, the majority of cops could not catch a cold and the CPS are not much better.


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BBC news

It's a misquote of what was said on ''Any Questions'' last night. The question was asked about whether the net was closing on President Tony with the arrest of one of his staff and she gave a fairly innocuous, if pretty nervous, answer.

She was challenged on whether she thought the time of the arrest was wrong but moved her answer to something else and didn't say anything about the that aspect.

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Well, not to put any points in favour of the Beloved Leader, but her position as a cabinet minister and senior member of the Labour party are separate from that of Culture Secretary and, as such, do make her not an inappropriate choice to be wheeled into the public limelight, regardless of her portfolio.

Of course, the fact that she's a dribbling moose with all the presence of a sleeping three year old in an opera house seems to have totally bypassed the 'communications' staff at the Fuhrerbunker.
Had the police investigation not been dealing with the Establishment I should have thought that they would have seized all the Labour (& Conservative) Party's computers and paper files and arrested all the key figures at the same time for questioning - to prevent anyone cooking up any alibis, though I'm sure that hasn't happened here. That way this investigation might have been cleared up faster, prosecutions proceeded with (nothwithstanding the need for a Labour Minister - the DPP - to authorise the prosecutions in the public interest - erm (seperation of powers?)) - and those who participated in any wrongdoing or inchoate crimes would now be undergoing some variety of middle-class punishment: probably claiming they all had that kind of senile dementia that is only cured by being let out of prison (Dementia criminalis - opportunists dementia). This scenario was never going to happen. Realpolitik!


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Methinks the ministers are gettig a tad worried. It seems the police are doing a proper job for a change. Although I think a dawn raid was a bit OTT. More power to the fuzz's evening alls!
Tessa Jowls lost all credibility when she did a tactical binning of her husband to save her position and reduce the flak heading towards St.Tone.