MPs' info exemption bill revived

Quite clearly theyhave seen how the press have discected the MSPs claims at Holyrood and fear the same at Westminster. The sooner the better that the press take Westminsters expense claims apart in my opinion.

Whilst I suspect that the proposer of this bill has a pretty clean sheet, he would not dare put it forward if he didn't (the press I am sure will be seeking out dirt on him as we type I am sure) I suspect he has mates who would not enjoy a fleet street accountant going over their claims line by line.


War Hero
Are we suprised by these hypocrytical arrse wipes anymore? It really is a case of snouts in the trough and do as I say and not as I do. The press stagger me with there complacancy with this lot...They try and give themselves huge payrises and perks..and succeed..remember the MP who claimed £450 for bicycle maintenance for last year..fcuksake you can buy a new bike for that money!!!

The press must have some unwritten covenant going on with these t0ssers, something along the lines of "we'll mention your pay and perks but wont do any follow up stories if you dont put VAT on papers..OK?"

Excemption from the FOIA is the latest in a long line of double standards...He's another for you all, anyone seeing any flagboards in fields near where they live saying "Vote for me" "Vote labour/con/libs" etc, well the local councils take you to court for doing that, the amount of threatening letters I've had from councils for flagboarding is unbeleivable, but its ok for them though....t0ssers

rant over.

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