MP's future

OK I'm not going to bang on about them having their snouts filled again just wondered re. the following.
Jaqui Smith,Hoon,Straw,Spelman etc have been caught out bigtime along with many more to come and some will certainly lose their seats BUT! has any thought that they will all be pushed up to the Lords where they can carry on grifting to their little hearts content as the Lords are just as corrupt.
Can someone get a firm assurance from someone in authority that anyone seen exploiting second homes,expenses,etc will not get a seat in the upper house>
I won't hold my breath but it should be sorted,merely shifting from one trough to another does nothing.
BYW I applaud those other MP's who claim very little and book in hotels,etc there seems more than we realise so good luck to them, they are what all should be aiming to be.
I was reading some bumph relevant to my job recently which just emphasised the typical thought pattern of MP's.
They merged West Midlands Ambulance service with Staffordshire.
Staffordshire has enjoyed a great track record for response times whereas the West Mids left a bit to be desired. Obviously the combined stats have raised the average of West Mids, response time.
Now some committee is toasting themselves over the improvement. And the wounded lads from Afghanistan are according to a financial report I saw, costing the NHS instead of the Armed Forces. This is not at all true, as the mob foots the bill for all at Selly Oak, but they try and use it to tell you why there are no pennies in the pot.
I am inclined to stay out of politics nowerdays as the truth seems to be a stranger to all of them, and they seem to walk away untouched from any crap.
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