MP's forget that we are at war?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Dammit, mandatory service to become an MP!!
  2. A nation at war on two fronts, tens of Servicemen being killed and wounded every week, and only ten out of 656 MPs could be bothered to turn up for "Defence in the World", the biggest Defence debate of the year whereas at least a dozen attended the other major annual debate, "Defence in the UK", back in March.
  3. The fact that the MPs, whose policies have sent men and women to their deaths, and others to receive devestating and permanent life changing injuries, cannot be bothered to turn up for such an important debate places them below contempt. They may witter on about not breaking rules during various scandles but they continue to fail to understand why the public does not trust them or have any faith in their integrity or values. An issue as serious as this should have been a 3 line whip, they should have been made to attend. And that's not just government ministers, but ALL MPs from ALL parties.
  4. Testament to the state of the 'modern' Britain my friend :(

    I miss the old values.
  5. There are still some to be found, and I would
    suggest Wootton Bassett as a prime example.


  6. I agree, and sadly I think that over recent years attitudes in society in general have become worse and I don't see any improvement in the near future. The people we look to for leadership and direction have been seriously found wanting. One has to question their motivation and reasons for entering parliament. For many of them it seems that they are not there to represent and help their constituents have a better, fuller and brighter future, instead they appear to be there just for themselves, to line their own pockets, quickly make a name for themselves and potentially receive all sorts of benefits and honours through party patronage. Politicians are morally moribund, parliament is institutionally corrupt and we need to see a sea change in politician's attitudes and raison d’être to restore public faith in them. At the moment very few MPs deserve the title 'honourable'.

    Part of the breakdown in trust in politicians began, initially under the Tories, but more so when Tony Blair played a major part in politicising the civil service, and appointed a stream of 'special advisors', the worst of which IMO being Alastair Campbell who was responsible for so much of the spin, and smoke and mirrors that we have witnessed under NuLiarbor, and which has ultimately led to the situation we now find ourselves in regarding the current state of politics.
  7. Would you really want to rely on those shady characters in a tight corner?

    They are too busy worrying about saving their seats to be thinking about the welfare of our troops. :evil:
  8. Not being funny, but the general sense of outrage is slightly undermined by the Telegraph's own opening salvo:

    "With breathtaking cynicism, the Government arranged for the annual Commons debate on "Defence and the World' to take place last Thursday, to coincide with polling day in the local and Euro-elections. This, and the hysteria over our incredible exploding Government, ensured that only 10 MPs turned up."

    MP-baiting might be easy money, but that was just a crap Labour move as the Telegraph acknowledges.
  9. And fun, too!

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