MPs condemn 'appalling' barracks

Heard on Radio Four this morning that the lads and lasses over in Afganistan reckon they've got a better standard of accomodation than our people in the UK!
Read this earlier. Not exactly new stuff but nice to see it reach the top of the list again. Like many other things which aren't right - it all costs money which we or the government can't afford at the moment. Not sure what the solution will be.

I don’t quite understand how forces accommodation gets to be like this. (Please correct me if I am wrong… I am only an ex nod so my experience is based on the grots at CTCRM)

If something has been damaged in forces only accommodation surely that means it was damaged by the forces. It doesn’t take much work to keep your grot clean and to take care of little maintenance jobs - that way it should never get into the kind of state that we are seeing on the news reports at the moment.

I have a pongo mate who is posted in Germany and is currently in a married accommodation block just off base. He was telling me about all the gash in the corridors and around the building, the damage to the building and fixtures, the smell and the general tossers that lived there. The way i see it is that all that was created by the people that were living there. I can appreciate that this might not be the case everywhere but when it is why the fcuk cant they just ditch the gash and do a bit of f'ing cleaning?

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