MPs being treated like Jews in Nazi Germany claims MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. The MP who introduced the so-called section 28 told a constituent that:

    Having effectivly branded a whole minority as undesirables in the 1980s, he should know! :x :evil:
  2. A bit desperate to compare the rightful pulling up of himself and his thieving cronies to the workings of the Nazi party. This is voters in what thinks of itself as the exemplar of parliamentary democracy telling its elected representatives that stealing the electorate's money is unacceptable, even to pay your own company for "services".
  3. The only reason this has developed into a witchunt is there are witches to be hunted. MPs had plenty of chances to set their own house in order, but instead spent the time trying to stop us seeing what they had been up too. Yes some may be unfairly put upon by the new rules but that is not our or those brought in to report on them's fault. It is the fault of those who have ripped the tax payer off consistantly for the last 12 years and that seems to be for starters many of the cabinet one way or another.

    Yes there have been a few ;spectaculars' like duck houses and moats but the reality has been the subtle choice of main residences, creative subsistance and effective self certification. Under Blair the expenses system, like many other aspects of government over the period became rotten, and like it or not MPs will suffer as a result, even the good ones. If they want to complain they can start with ex speaker Martin and then progress down the list of those who have ripped us off like Blair , Brown etc etc. (ps how did Mr Blair build up his property empire whilst supposedly working full time as ourt PM)
  4. Agree, now can I be in charge of the Gas Chamber?
  5. Down boy down!

  6. Thinks; must provision some 11 hole shower heads for the House of Commons ablutions.
  7. David Wilshire, with his nose deep in the trough, is lucky not to be prosecuted.

    But if it was he who introduced clause 28, forbidding councils from promoting homosexuality, it just goes to show that he's not all bad is he?
  8. If they put their snouts in the trough they are only getting what they deserve.
    I am disgusted that they still feel hard done by and are going to dispute the expenses reforms proposed by Sir Christopher Kelly by appointing their own "Independant Review Body". Take a look at the membership of this so called Independant Review Body.
    I am also disgusted that there is one party that has 5 MPs who have yet to take up their seats because they refuse to swear allegance to the crown. I respect their freedom of choice in this matter but object to them accepting three quarters of a million pounds per year is salary and expenses for Sweet F>>> All. I shan't say the name of the party but one of them is also taking a salary as Deputy of the Northern ireland Assembly.
    So much for us not treating with terrorists.
  9. Every time these parasites bleat on about how unfair the world is to them another nail goes in the coffin... they just don't get it.
    After the longest summer break in parliamentary history, unemployment at unacceptable levels, violence on the streets, uncontrolled immigration, bodies coming home daily from Afghan. All they care about is their soddin' expenses. Come the 5th of Nov..... Guy Fawkes.... I wish !!!
  10. The only comment I have for Wiltshire and his ilk is, 'Awa' an' bile yer heid' in a trough'!
  11. It's WILSHIRE, fink, ... Wiltshire's a county... a long, long way from the 'hame land' :wink:
  12. Blair was too clever he "accidently" shredded all his expenses and sensitive incriminating documents!
  13. I will have to stand on my lid and give myself a bollocking for lack of attention to detail. :)
  14. So whats all this bollocks about holocausts then, if the jews were given all those expenses and houses and duck platforms, what they all complaining about.
  15. Are you confusing that with hollow-costs?
  16. Good one...Coat and posh taxi for POL please... :lol:
  17. That would be Lady Mondegreen.

  18. Cameron has forced Wilshire to apologise.....


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