MP's £38,000 Pay Rise!

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by PsyWar.Org, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. (Effectively)
    OK People, those with a mischievous streak in them please sign and pass on to other forums that you might frequent.

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to lead all MP's in rejecting both a £15,000 pay rise and an unaccountable £23,000 grant. Further we the undersigned pledge to reject at the Polls every sitting MP who votes in favour of such measures.

    More info on ARRSE:

  2. Signed it. Forwarded a copy to a copy of oppos and also to my current MP.
  3. Useful site to get info on your MP/MSP/MWP/MEP etc:

    They Work 4 U

    Remind them who they work for every month - I do!!
  4. Signed and passed on with pleasure.

  5. Grrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat! :razz: :evil:
  7. Can we get this sent to all the newspapers, even The Sun who brag about 10 million readers
  8. Lets go back to the queen an she can make all the decisions. save alot of money :thumright:
  9. Thanks all for the support.

    Flano I'm with you with that idea. Perhaps that can be the subject of the next petition?! :D
  10. ...bump...
  11. I'm curious - Does this mean they will automatically get the additional £23K or will they have to request it - ie: will those who don't need it because they live more locally to the Westminster area still get it?

    Also, when is the vote likely to take place? I note the petition is due to end on 4 Dec.

  12. The House of Commons is awaiting the outcome of an investigation being carried for the Government, on MPs remuneration (the Baker Review) which should report to the House in July.

    More details below.
  13. So the cuts in the defence budget are to fund the MP's pay rise. :threaten:

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