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Does anybody know why Dad's Army on the gate have changed beret's from green to the coveted dark blue? In fact some of the guys are wearing what looks like Matelot Beret's and other those black ones that Tanky wear.


War Hero
In this day of equal opportunities may I suggest that they wear pink berets, with a nice pompom of course.


Lantern Swinger
Was told that some army units with no identity as such, wear the colour beret of the unit they're attached to, which would perhaps explain the blue. Not sure if this is true or if I was had on a bite...


War Hero
But, but.... I thought MPGS were all, All-Arms trained, hence the lovely green beret?

I'll have to ask the next Royal I see tomorrow, I'm sure they'll know whether I'm right or not.

How dare they wear the coveted Blue Beret- I did 8 weeks 'on the' HMS Raleigh to earn that. How dare they?

I'd write to my MP to complain if I knew who he/she was & I was not actually on the electoral roll for poll-tax avoidance measures.
I like the new colour it takes me back to me navy days, much better than green.
The new color has somthing to do with the agc.

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