MP allowances - Members Estimate Committee Recommendations

Re: MP allowances - Members Estimate Committee Recommendatio

I read of these allowances, especially after receiving an instruction to producr receipts after claiming for fares on the Gosport Ferry, and wonder are all these figures annual or one offs, eg £24000 pa for a second home?

I have been convinced for a long time that membership of either our own or the European parliaments are a licence for larceny, but I am ever more certain of that the more I hear them complaining. The fact that they have claimed "within the rules" - spookily enough voted in by MPs for MPs - does not make their theft any less wrong.

Good first move Gordon, have the Balls to sack Ed and Yvette and DC do the same with the Wintertons. As for the McSpeaker, hang him out to dry, he'd never have got away with the things he has if he'd stayed as a dockie or whatever!

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