moving to Yeovil or Culdrose?

Yeovil or Culdrose

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Like most things it is what you make it, although I haven't missed 848 at all since I left and glad I'm not going back.
The junglie world is so different to the ASW and bag world but each has its pros and cons. I would still be happy in the ASW and bag world if they were based elsewhere to CU. As they are not I moved to VL as my family were deeply unhappy in Cornwall.
No matter how much you like a place if your family cannot settle there it does make it hard for you. If you drag your other half down to the end of Cornwall and then disappear on a 9 month deployment it does cause upset.
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Being an old sod I had the best of both worlds.

I was 848 when the Junglies were based at Culdrose. (Early 70's)

Then when I went pinger - I was lucky enough to get drafted to 819 at Gannet. (Prestwick Airport)

But like 'redmonkey' stated, it's what you make of it. To me, one run ashore is as good as the next as long as the beer's OK!!!!


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As happens to a lot of families, you get married, settled into quarters after giving up your job in your home town and you cannot find a job easily in Helston then your other half deploys for x months leaving you in a place you don't know and a long way from your family. It is hard on the those left behind. My wife went to her parents within 6 months of us getting married as I was out of the country for 9 months. She just walked back into her old job and carried on until I got back. Even then she hated Cornwall

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