moving to Yeovil or Culdrose?

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by MissD, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just so u no this is my very 1st post on here and am really lookin for some people to help me out!

    My boyfriend joined the navy as a aircraft handler in Jan 13, he is just starting his phase 2 training in Culdrose and will be there til November.

    I have decided to move from Liverpool down with him but when given a choice of Yeovil or Culdrose it becomes difficult to decide as I have never even visited these places!!

    Can you help? Do u live in one of these places? Can u give me some valid ups and downs to the areas? (i no there will be some bad areas in places but just want some advice)

    Thanks in advance x
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There's a chap on here called Montigny La Palisse. He knows Culdrose really well. No doubt he'll be along at some time and may be able to give you some sort of advice.
  3. Ok, thanks Blackrat x
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I've sent him a PM but it all depends on if he logs on today.

    He's also quite mad.
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  5. Where does Yeovilton come into the equation? Is he getting drafted there?
  6. Firstly, where is he being drafted to in November? They aren't close enough to each other to commute except for weekends. Once that's out the way I can give you a bit more of a clueing up.
  7. Ok, well he will based in either Yeovilton or Culdrose in Nov. We dont know which one yet but they have told us we can put in a request if we prefer a particular place but as we dont know much about any of the areas it is difficult to decide.
    Come next month we will visit both places to see what we think but thought people already living there are the experts!
  8. I think you're a little confused. It's a preference, not a choice. Your chap may well apply for a draft to Yoevilton but may not get what he wants and end up in Culdrose. Both are in quite nice countrified areas, but both are out in the sticks. Yeovilton would be closer to home for you and marginally easier to travel to/from I would think. Which is 'better' is purely a matter of opinion - I loved Yeovilton and the little I've seen of Culdrose (one visit for a sporting event) it looked OK as well.
  9. No I completely understand that we cannot make the final decision to where he will be based but again we can choose which we prefer and have,been told that they will do there best to accommodate as there r 16 in phase 2 now, 8 going to one base, and 8 going to the other.

    Wat am looking for really is to get as much info as poss to decide which we prefer so that wen it comes to it we can make the best possible choice. I know that its all subject to RNs decision but fir example I dont want to say lets go to Yeovil if its a dump? (not saying it is, just the reviews on the town itself are not great, and u are right, we have been swaying towards there as it is closer to home)
  10. Nothing wrong with Culdrose, its a charming area, local to Helston, plenty of small market towns around, lots of beaches for the summer(if we get any). I first went to CulD in 1959, and returned a few times for courses and also to be stationed there, I really like d the area and found the janners, nice friendly folks overall. It used to be a long haul on the train to and from London. I spent many happy days down there, never go to Yeovil, other than the museum.
  11. I'm not a WAFU but have one bit of advice. Both Culdrose and Yeovs are in beautiful areas but Culdrose is in the far end of Cornwall so if you're planning on returning home regularly the drive will be a ballache / ovaryache. OTOH, Cornwall is amazing and I'm doing my best to buy a place there (bit further east of Culdrose though!).
  12. The Poll so far says 100% in favour of Culdrose. That must tell you someting. Mind you, there has only been one vote so far.
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  13. Thanks Handler,
    I will bare that in mind! Ha, u do make Culdrose sound lovely tho! Also while we r having some nice weather I think ill have to go down and visit soon!

    Angrydoc, these are the problems ive been thinkin about, everyone says cornwall is lovely (and very expensive), I am expecting to travel home once a month so I do know I will hate the travelling but at the same time I wont be doing it every weekend and if it works out a better lifestyle it may be worth it! Good luck on the house hunting, we have been saving for a while now but will prob have to rent until we find our feet
  14. R u the one person Drakey??
  15. Didn't I register a vote lol ? Oh well count me in, because I would vote for 'Kernow' every time, even when I was on the fire station in the big freeze of '62, now that was a long cold spell.
  16. For what it's worth. I have spent a lot of time at both:

    Yeovil itself is certainly a dump. However the surrounding areas are very nice plus it has the added bonus of being near some form of civilization. Other than shopping you wouldn't actually have to spend any time in Yeovil itself. There are loads of very, very nice places you can live without paying the daft premiums you would in Cornwall. The patch is better at Yeovil too. Somerset itself is pretty nice.

    Culdrose on the other hand is completely cut off from civilization in an area inhabited by cavemen. Everyone drives at 20mph, they have a collective IQ lower than a single salamander and dress either like Bill and Ted or a scarecrow. The men have heads like potatoes and the women all look like Beth Ditto. They have a vocabulary of around 100 words only, if they need other words they make them up by mumbling and using as many syllables as possible. eg: prezabumbogabillywehtenwazit? It is sunny for approximately 20 days a year, outside of this window everywhere is shut and there is NOTHING to do unless you enjoy cycling; however the Cornish regard cyclists as witches or wizards and will try and run you over at every opportunity, probably jealous of any cognitive faculty. Helston is a hole, Truro is a hole, Poole and Camborne are holes, Penzance is a hole. Falmouth is ok as is St Ives but the rest of the place is a backward, mong infested time warp of turd. There was a programme on TV recently where the fat bird out of Men behaving badly gushed on about how amazing Cornwall is, she's a lying cow. The base itself is falling down and is about as military as San Antonio in mid August.

    All just my opinion of course, but **** Culdrose.
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  17. See Blackrat was right.
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  18. VL for me, CU area in the winter is a bitch to drive around, and in the summer it is full of holiday makers, therefore a bitch to drive around.

    VL is 150 odd miles closer to Everton ( sorry cant say the L word)!
  19. Thanks for ur feedback so far everyone, uve brought up more things I didnt think of like tourists etc, Lol

    So where your saying you dont have to go into Yeovil, where around them ways are nice areas to live? Baring in mind I am a city girl so I need abit of normality from at least a few shops? Or am I just in for a culture shock?!
  20. Reading through your post and casting an eye over your English grammar I would say that Helston would be the ideal draft for you.
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