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Iam currently in Plymouth and my husband has a draft to gosport coming up. Does anyone know how much the navy are willing to contribute to us moving quaters. As it is a draft i know they will contribute something but am unsure of how much. I would appreciate any help. Thank you
The RN should pay a certain amount towards removals expenses and an additional amount called disturbance allowance which is meant to provide for the nause resulting from changing curtains, school uniforms, etc. It isn't a great deal but should cover the basics.

As Lamri says your OH needs to talk to his pay office who will advise him on how much the entitlement is and how to claim it.

When I did it you had to get three quotes and hand them in, the MoD paid for the cheapest one.

One tip though, don't go for cheapo removers, get good ones that will take your freezer full of food (they have 240v mains on the lorries), and give you chests to use for packing etc:
If it is a move on assignment then you will be entitled to a move at public expense. This will consist of a removal contractor packing, transporting then unpacking. Not sure of the allowance but 57 Cubic Metres rings a bell, It's pretty difficult to be over this allowance! This is all sorted for you and you have to pay nothing towards it - Tip though, ensure your house contents insurance will cover you for the period in transit - the MoD provided insurance for your move is absolutely awful, on one of my moves the contractor damaged a couple of items - I was told to claim on my insurance and they would refund my excess.

In addition to this, he will be entitled to disturbance allowance - this is to cover extra costs such as plumbing washing machines, postal redirection, telephone disconnection and reconnection, SKY installation etc etc, the list is endless. It is in the region of £1000 and increases if you have children of school age. This could only be applied for within 30 days of the move and is paid in normal pay run - I believe this has changed and you can now apply earlier.

Like the others said, he needs to speak to HR Admin - if his unit are not too sure then a good source of advice would be the Relocations Office in the Travel and Movements section Nelson.
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