Moving Garden Shed

I want to move a 6' x 4' garden shed to another location - it comparatively newsih in the life of a garden shed but, having bought a bit of land from my next door neighbour I want to move it to the new adjacent boundary, in part, so that I can avoid seeing the miserable bastard who lives in the house at the end of my garden.

To state the obvious, clear contents, prepare new base but what's best way to lift and shift? Working party with scaffold poles underneath per the Papal sedan chair?

With thanks.
Done this on many occasions ... manily due to 'er indoors demanding it be moved to a new location! Normally covered by ... obtain cordless drill with screwdriver bit inserted ... take shed to bits ... move and reassemble! simples!

Alternatively ... got a mate with a fork lift?????
6 x 4, I dismantled a 7 x 5 myself a year or two ago and moved it. Shouldn't be too daunting a task. If you have the man power the sedan chair method would work better, save time. As long as the ground your plonking it on is flat and solid. Nay problemo!
A suggestion, tinged with revenge..... if the miserable old fcucker at the rear of your garden is the main motive for moving the shed, don't. To really piss people like that off, install some trees or a fence high enough to obscure their view. This sends a clear message that you are blocking them from your life as much as possible.He/she probably has no life of their own hence the morbid interest in yours.
Second, smile, smile, smile and wave every day in their direction. Your happiness will a) Infuriate them b) Send ethereal vibes that may, just may, help heal their own unhappiness which will likely lead them to leaving you alone. c) Send a direct sign that you are totally unaffected by them.:glomp:

On another note, it's heartwarming to see so many of you directed in action by the desires of 'The Missus'. I knew you were all a bunch of softies deep down.:hello2:
Some years ago I lifted and shifted my 5'x7' shed from one side of the garden to the other. I screwed two 9' decking planks to the corner posts and to a nogging on each long side at mid point and me, my older boy and two oppos lifted it and, as said above, sedan chair style moved it in steps to where I wanted it.
Stephanie Mitchell is THE expert in garden shed re-location. Us blokes apparently don't know diddly squat:-
How to Move a Storage Shed Without Disassembling it | Home Guides | SF Gate
Read this one on her article.
How To Move a Shed By Hand

To be fair though, a mate needed to move his shed to get at the sewer line that ran underneath it. Attached tow strop to hitch on truck, webbing straps around shed. Moved it up with jack, then pulled it to new pos with the truck. Danger of hook coming through window of truck never materialised.
Have you tried waiting 'till the bin men are due and standing next to the shed in a mini skirt low cut top and plenty of slap looking helpless?, it worked for me.
Took mine to bits yesterday to sell as I am moving. Much easier than I remember putting it together in the first place - probably because I didn;t have to drill the screw holes. A tip (that you have probably already thought of) is to mark up the sections (front right etc) so that hopefully you can align the srew holes when you put it back together. Taking the roofing felt off had to be done with care, but managed not to tear it.
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