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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by wompingwillow, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. the reason I keep getting booted out of chat / complete screen freeze or big gaps between mine and everyone else text in chat is because of the moving emotes next to peoples names, I have a v old computer running on a very old system ( which I sadly currently do not have the funds to replace)

    I've worked this out as chat is fine when people without them are in but as soon as someone with one comes it computer goes on go slow or gives up all together.

    If anyone has any idea how to get round this please let me know.

    If not could I be a tad selfish and ask that people refrain from using them in the chatroom.


  2. I rarely go in the chat room cos I cant type quick enough & lose track of the conversation , trying to read what oppos are saying & type at the same is beyond me although I will get there eventualy , :wink:
  3. Dondon dear, do you thing that some of people in the chat room do not fill the same description as you have given yourself. I know you are a bloke and find multi tasking difficult but that is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. Get your arse in the chat room, if you are scared you can hide behind Josie and me.
  4. Your LCD screen could be fine, may just need to update the hard drive. Could benefit with possible adding a new animation card? Or downloading a newer program to run Java?

    But to be honest, that is all I know!
  5. Tried visiting the chat room onec, got totally ingored so have'nt been back
  6. It wouldn't work with my firefox browser so I changed to opera and it is fine
  7. perhaps if you said something Angwish instead of just lurking, which a lot seem to do, just join in, any old crap will do, its mostly that anyway.
  8. I did try joining in, made no differance
  9. Hig wrote ".. any old crap will do" .. ? "It's mostly that anyway" ... ??? How dare you Sir!! I'll have you know that we resemble that remark.

  10. ... oh yeah, seriously though ANGWISH. If I've ever ignored you during my infrequent visits to the chatroom - please accept my sincere apologies. :oops:

  11. Persist Angwish. Visit us when Rosie's present and just mention that you love pussies.... that will get the convo going on an even keel! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. For goodness sake - it is not just about pussies you know!
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    can see where your user name came from now................ :twisted:
  14. It's all about the paraphrase 'Jerry McQuire'
  15. Got it from and irishman who could,nt say angus :???: :???:
  16. Angwish....... is it poss that you did not realise you were being talked to? we all shorten our names,,,, i for one talked to you ,,called you wish.....
    every one has a different take on names... plus you need to thro your self in a bit more,,,, i sat on the side lines for a few weeks before i started joining in,,,and that was when there was only a few in the chat room... now there are so many its easy to lose track of the convo,,
  17. Hi josie, you may have a point there, on the few occasions i have been in the chat room it was like piccadily circus with conversations to numerious? to count, and any replies could have been missed in the confusion. That being the case, my appologies folks and i will percyveer. Cheers

    Alex :cool: :cool:
  18. Can't stay in again tonight, due to six people with them next to their names, I know it's cool to have a new toy and to want to stand out from the crowd by means of an amusing little skull or man that whistles next to your name, but prehaps you could think of me ( and others who just give up and don't whing like me) once in a while ....

    prehaps I should try one of them web cam chats instead....

    now where did I pout that rope
  19. Next time your`e in wompers ask them to remove them then try again but i dont think it will make a difference try it anyway
  20. Most are pretty good and will get rid if they see I'm trying to get in ( most of the time I don't get chance to even type a message before I'm bombarded with error messages)

    biggest problem is those who log in then appear to fall alseep

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