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Whilst alongside HMS Defiance (depot ship) HMS Swiftsure had a visit from the production team who were making 'The Spy Who Loved Me' film.

They wanted the casing dimensions and to get a feel for the bulk of the boat. Needless to say many shots were ruined by Jolly Jack accidentally hanging around in the background; just like idiots do when TV reporters are recording to camera for news items on telly!

"Bond" didn't put in an appearance though..........much to our dismay!

In the film when one of the officers shouts 'right.......follow me lads' which they do and they all promptly get shot..........I was wondering....just how many of us would have said.......'well off you go then sir, if it's safe we'll be right behind you'!


War Hero
There was a series shown on the beeb in Northern Ireland last year about an s-boat.The series was called something like officer and commander.Does anybody have a copy?


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HM/S Tiptoe featured in the British war movie 'Morning Departure' and I believe 'Andrew' made a brief appearance also. A old mate of mine,Jimmy Evans, who crossed the bar this July, was scratcher on Tiptoe and was instrumental in persuading the late, great ,ballerina/actress Moira Shearer to donate her ballet slippers from the movie 'The Red Shoes' to the Tiptoe.

Where the female of the species were concerned Jimmy was a smooth talking bugger so he probably tried to trap her at the same time. Thereby hangs another dit I guess LOL.

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ajoule said:
Was it Scylla or Leander that was the focal of the navy action series with the Joss that saved every eventuality - I think it was called the series was called "Warship"

I served on the Danae back in 1988/89 and they had an inclinometer on the bridge presented to "HMS HERO" from the Production Crew, apparently she featured in most of the Warship series as the aformentioned HMS Hero.