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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ANGWISH, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before,but just in case...Watching a dvd at work today(Murphy's War) got me thinking. How many boat's are movie stars?? The credits thanked the Venezualan navy, so i assume the provided the boat. Probably the only one they could get that looked like a wwII u-boat. Anyone know of any of our's that were in they movies?? :afro: :afro:
  2. Not a movie as such, but Cachalot was used for the pre-recorded elements that were slotted in to a live exercise broadcast by the BBC back in the 60's. The exercise involved several skimmers, including a flat-top (possibly the Ark) which was our primary target.As "live" tv pictures couldn't be beamed from a dived boat, we shot ours alongside in Guzz, with an oily squeezed behind the panel pumping furiously on a stirrup pump connected to the depth guage to make it look real!
    I was in the attack team at that time, and my right index finger went out on the Beeb as followed the order to "fire 1"!!
    For months afterwards, whenever our nameplate was attached to the fin in harbour, a second plate was added with the legend "as seen on the BBC". Happy days!
  3. Andrew was the star in "on the beach"
  4. Wasn't Andrew also in one of the James Bond films?
  5. Raymond Baxter did a 'live' broadcast from a boat in the 60's I think for Tomorrows World. Cant remember which boat though.It was shown on tv a couple of years ago celebrating Tomorrows world.
  6. THE CRUEL S£A - HMS COREOPSIS, saved from the scrapyard to make the movie. HMS PORTCHESTER CASTLE, still on active service at the time.
    There was also a movie on Channel 4 last week, THE GIFT HORSE, which featured one of the old lend-lease American 4-funneled destroyers we got in 1940 that we loaned to the Russians, and they filmed on her before she went for razor blades in 1952, but don't know the name. Remember them filming both in Guzz when I was very young.
    Ref the last post, AJAX was scrapped at Newport in 1947, EXETER was lost in the Java Sea in 1942. BTW, did anyone notice that when CUMBERLAND appeared, she had no main armament ? she was the Fleet Gunnery Trials Ship at the time, and her armament varied from trial to trial.
  7. Fearless and Intrepid featured in a couple of Bond movies.

    I remember when they used South Yard Devonport for a scene in 'Force Ten From Navarone'. Robert Shaw and his team milling around a Marshalling yard, the passing wagons stamped with PSTO (N) !
  8. Eagle was featured on Blue Peter, I`m a Star. :w00t:
  9. Yes. A Mon-Star!!
  10. HMS St Albans for that fiasco of a series on TV a couple of years ago - so bad, they axed the first series midway through!
  11. I recall Splendid was used a little while ago - I recall the DWEO was about to resign having reinforced his "Christian faith". I think that he reversed his decision after the programme having got a personal plea from 1SL.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    OSLO: the complete first series of 'Making Waves' was made, but due to poor viewing figures (not helped by ITV moving the schedule from one week to the next), the transmission was ended after three episodes.

    If you were to view all episodes together (which I have, over a duty weekend, after someone bought th DVD from the Navy News shop!) it wasn't as bad as some people claimed, and certainly had potential.

    Remember, it took 2 or 3 series' of 'Soldier Soldier' for it to become as popular as it was...
  13. Didn't TROUBRIDGE appear in the 60s version of "Lord of the Flies"? And ORWELL in "Dunkirk" ?
  14. Skyvet can I have your autograph......signed by that index's not everyday you get to meet a real celeb. Do you have to put a pair of dark glasses on it to fool the papparrrrratzzzzi (I haven't a clue how to spell the photo boys)!
  15. SELJUK - please send cheque for £50, and autograph will be sent by return!
  16. I thought (IMHO) that it had the makings of a good show. Haven't seen it on many shop shelves though (maybe haven't looked hard enough!)
  17. HMS Jaguar was in one of the Bond movies - think it was Gold finger.
    HMS Grenville was on one Terry Scott's programs -
    The Real star must have been Ark Royal - Rod Stewart chanting away - and the immortal words of the Chief Steward Alex "Jock"Ramsay - Don't be stannin aroond thumb up your arse an yous brain in neutral.

    Andrew was in die another day I think - appeared to surface under jimmy bond in his rubber dingy -
    Many old timers where used in films made in the 50's from comedies with the likes of Ronald Shiner Jon Pertwee Sid James - One - The Baby and the Battle ship with John Mills to more serious ones like the story of the submarine that sank in the Thames estuary with Richard Attenborough and again John Mills
  18. Was it Scylla or Leander that was the focal of the navy action series with the Joss that saved every eventuality - I think it was called the series was called "Warship"
  19. Rothesay was in Thunderball and much later in Warship as one of the supporting ships.
  20. HMS Dundas, Portland 1957. Film, "Up The Creek", starring Frankie Howard, whose performance onboard was far superior to anything seen in the film.


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