Movie Review - 007 or is it?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by PussersMuddle, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Ok, went to see the new Bond movie last night and IMHO was whole-heartedly dissapointing.

    Not once was the Senior Service mentioned (unless I missed it), knowing the association Cdr Bond has with all things Naval (& Navel), this was a poor do.

    If you expecting a 007 movie dont bother. No gadgets, no Q, no bald megalomaniacs with white cats, no underground bunkers, no L A S E R S, and only on Bond Babe.

    May as well have been 'some other movie'.
  2. Its got no WOW factor,just another run of the mill ovehyped Spy movie in my opinion.Now were being bombarded with the latest installment of Ms Rowlings warped imagination!And theres still another 2 films at least to go!!!!
  3. That's the way Ian Fleming wrote it shippers. Is it not a 'true' Bond film because it is true(ish) to the book?

    Maybe the answer is 'no'. Nobody really knows the books any more, just the films, so do we like Ian Fleming's Bond, or do we only like Holywood's (OK and Pinewood's) Bond?
  4. i think all the films were pants, no intention of wasting my bucks on this new one. books are always best ! :!:
  5. Well first of all I strenuously object to this being in 'pointless junk'. And its the best since Sean - maybe better - no silly smooth guys who never sweat and act with their eyebrows. This is REAL. Hmmmmmm can't wait for the next two - oh and he looks like an ex-boyfriend ... Vesper is the only Bond girl I have ever wanted to be (apart from Ursula and that was for all the wrong/right reasons).
  6. I think the bond film was great.

    just because I'm FAA i dont mean the trunks on beach scene - that definitely one for the stewards.

    with the introduction of AGI 66 - local punishment execution, i have now found that a monkeys fist and a pussers chair will now be the ideal punishment for being 10 minutes adrift.

    alll i ned now is a dabber to get me a rope and bring on defaulters table

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