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Movie : Hunter Killer


I wasn't sure whether to post this on the Submariners forum, or on the Movies thread, but as this is a Sundodger movie, opted for here.

Having just watched this new release on dvd, I have to say that with the best will in the world, I can only score this a 4/10 :( . It's a total load of cobblers, stuffed full of duff action championing the exploits of our transatlantic brethren, supported by their granite jawed Delta force. Quite apart from the many instances of poor quality dialogue, and massive overacting, the plot itself is so far fetched as to make it laughable!

I doubt I shall ever watch it again, so first up with their postal address via a pm receives it with my compliments. However, you have been warned!

That is all ..........


War Hero
Funny, we had civvy pals round last weekend that had seen it and were AMAZED! I was asked some quite interesting and searching questions about life/time/patrols on a boat based on what they had seen.

However, all the Elmer Faceache submarine sites slate it off!

I think it must be remembered that it is a movie, not a documentary!

HOORRAH anyone..........?


Quick off the mark was Sonar-Bender, so no further claims thanks.

ps : I can well understand civvies being enthralled by it, but I'm sure you'll have your own opinion once you've seen it.
Reminded me (slightly) of Red October ..........
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