Mountain Leaders Course DVD/Book/Website?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Gundulph, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Is there anything out there available for viewing, have just read Major Phil Ashby's excellent book 'Unscathed' a true Adventurer/British Hero... Well Done that man and what an excellent life he has led, bledy good reading!!!

    Anyone know of any others out there about this small Elite of the Elite Unit? there was a series many years ago about the Marines Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre...

  2. i can help you if you are looking for mountain leader info but not if you want hero stories of the old and bold.....

    which is it as the thread title suggests 1 and the text suggests the other....

  3. I sometimes bump into Major Ashby on my run home from work (in Edinburgh). Nice bloke, always smiles and gives a nod at the bag of shite (me) sweating buckets sprinting up the hill!!!

    I know the TV series you mean - it was a discovery channel type of documentry, that followed a group of Bootnecks on the ML course.
    Now thats the type of course that seperates the Men from the Boys!!!

    Dont know where you can get the series from, but let me know if you find out. A good read is Black Water by Don Camsell I think - Old school SBS Operator.
  4. Have read Black Water also, Don Camsell definitely doesn't like the SAS does he!!!
  5. They have a programme on the History Channel all about the ML course. Give it time and I am sure it will be shown again.

  6. The programme about the ML's (Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre RM) was an eight parter called "Behind the Lines". Made by the BBC in 1983/84. Director Michael Begg. It followed the ML2's course for its nine months duration in UK and Norway.

  7. 1 - Grow big bushy moustache.
    2 - Tend and stroke said hairy slug.
    3 - Get time on sunbed

    That should help.
  8. My old CSM was the guy wearing the ginger cat hat in behind the lines
    A proper legend, He was front page of all the papers as RSM 45 in Afghanistan asking why the boys were paying tax on ops

    Definitely a man to buy a pint

  9. The Program you are talking about, was shown a few times a couple years ago on the Discovery Channel. I Recorded it twice as they actually were two different hour long edits, so they both had stuff the other didn't, Very Odd!

    I figured that it would just be shown again on the discovery channel at some point in the future, however last time i was down at CTC one of the lads was in the Med Centre and they were showing a DVD version on the TV in there. So there is a DVD kicking around if someone can work out how to get your hands on it.

  10. I liked the bit where they got out of the helicopter and filled in the DS when they were supposed be getting taken prisoner. THe shot of the big dutch guy swinging his pussers planks into the swede of some ML1 filmed though NVG was priceless.
  11. I can also recommend black water by don camsell and how to be a royal marine,cant remember the author but it is a good bokk which has a chapter about ML training

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