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Mountain Biking/Boarding


Lantern Swinger
Does anyone know of any clubs relating to either of these in the Navy? I know my other passion - climbing is catered for. Seeing as these are two of my biggest hobbies it'd be nice to continue partaking in them if I pass selection/training.



War Hero
The RN/ RM cycle club has a Mountain Biking section.

I take it you mean mountain boarding, rather than sailboarding? In which case I don't think so, but there might be local unit clubs which haven't formed a broader association as yet.


Lantern Swinger
Don't know about in the RN at the moment, there was no interest in in Mountainboarding in '04 when I left.
If you are heading down to Collingrad after Dartmouth (looking at your chosen career), and nothing else appears I can recommend Team SOBA based at Haredown. They are a good bunch and have an active free ride programme.
What you into? BX, freestyle or my favourite staying vertical!! ^_^;

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Lantern Swinger
It's more like kite boarding, I just strap myself to my board and throw a 14 foot kite into the mix. Thanks for the reply, I'll definitely be signing up for the cycle club.


Lantern Swinger
Again there may be a club by now. Should there not be and you are in Gosport area then Port Solent has a fairly active, and friendly, group of power kiters who are normally down there.


Lantern Swinger
Damn the latency on my connection, would have replied before you posted. I'm into Trail/XC on my MTB. Used to be into solely DH on my board but I'm now getting quite good at freestyle and managed my first fingerflip t'other day. Staying vertical is always the ultimate aim though:)
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