Motorists Face Random Booze Tests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Concur, but why not check the mobile whilst their at it?
  2. No problem with that at all , :wink:
  3. They have in reality existed since the seventies as far as I am aware.
  4. I don't have a problem with it, but on what pretext are they going to stop you? If it is just on a whim or random number, then I don't agree with it. Also when are they going to to it? All day, everyday? If so, where are all
    the extra coppers coming from? Hampshire Constabulary have already stated that they DO NOT chase up motorists who have been caught on the Number Plate Registration system, driving with no tax, no insurance or no license, because they do not have the manpower!

    Keep Striving.
  5. What a sensible idea for a change - now if we can back it with a serious punishment it will be of use. If the modern idiom of 'rights' gets to bear it will be a complete waste of time, if on the other hand we go with the Scandinavian system - found guilty you loose your licence - permanently! it will be worth it!
  6. Have to agree with onions really, and as Maxi says, the system has been in for some time now. The Law can stop you if they suspect that drink was/is involved with your driving. It was on the Officers pure opinion and not from a related incident that you were stopped. Yes, of course it was mandatory if involved in an accident, but how many times are you stopped for the "in my opinion, you were weaving across the road and i do believe that you have been drinking, blow into this"? You're not going to say to the copper, no, in my opinion I wasn't! So how is this law going to change things? It's all in the wording I guess but I'm all for it of course.

    Besides.....when you drink and drive you tend to spill most of it anyway! :grin:
  7. Agree with the sentiment but for one problem and that is there are already those that will drive their cars regarless of having a license therefore no road tax therfore no insurance therefore no MOT. Life-banning people will just increase that number. :sad:
  8. While we are at it when it comes to motorist the TV is full of the increase in penalties for using a mobile as you drive. A reasonable law but never enforced. In London every 5th driver, cyclist and pedestrian crossing roads seemed to be on their mobile phone.

    What I cannot understand is why they did not include

    The use of hand held radio microphones, or is it that not only Army, Navy, RAF, Customs and Excise, Most of the vehicles at all our airports whilst landside, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Bus Inspectors, Taxi Drivers, Doctors, Lorry Drivers etc use them. Often whilst driving at high speed to emerency or critical incidents. But then thats OK no danger there then. What about:

    Sorting out what CD to play
    Groping your Girl/boy friend
    Reading maps, newspapers etc etc etc. All just a dangerous but do not fit the public image bill as mobile phones do

    Its another stupid knee jerk popular targeted law. Yes let us prevent ********* driving/cycling/walking whilst on the phone but that must include all similar activities and if its the concentration and not the physical grip of the phone that is the problem as our Road Safety Experts tell us then it is also hands free kit. Single manned vehicles should not be using radio communications of any type.

    Is that going to happen NO CHANCE

  9. K'inell Nutty.. calm're going to have a problem with yer chest if you keep that up!!!!! :grin: :grin:

    But I agree all the way with you mate... :wink:
  10. Dont drink and drive, never have and never will
  11. i like that punishment. i hate drink drivers i put them in a simular line of druggies. i lost an old shipmate and good friend to some drink driver when he we returning back on board after weekend. since that day i have n problem reporting drink drivers i have even threatened my dad with it when he once tried to drive. and how come the driver is always the one that seems to be able to walk away :twisted:
  12. Personally i think that there should be Zero Legal limit of blood alcohol.Just make it illegal to have ANY amount of booze on board if youre driving!
  13. As well as loss of license fine and imprisonment let them joy ride with the paramedics for a few weeks to rta's and let the see and help clear uo the mess a vehicle can make
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    [1] Figures show Hampshire police is almost at full strength but officers are under so much strain, due to the pressure of red tape and staff shortages is stopping them from getting out on the beat.

    There are only 14 vacancies for PCs across Fareham, Gosport, Havant and Waterlooville, and the force is six detectives short in Portsmouth. However officers say a mixture of extra training for new recruits, sick leave, career breaks and experienced officers transferring to other forces are leaving them short on the ground.
    Other officers around our area who are angry at their workload, saying that:
    Officers are fleeing Hampshire for other forces;
    Bobbies are stuck at their desk as they struggle to get to grips with a hi-tech computer system to record crime;
    And the organisation representing rank and file officers say police numbers are becoming 'static'.
    Just last month, maternity and long-term sick leave meant the force had 87 officers fewer than necessary. And although there is a drive to get 18 new officers into the Hampshire force every six weeks, they cannot match the number of officers leaving. It's thought that around 210 officers left the force over the past year. Officers say that is an alarming number, as the majority of the 311 officers expected to replace them will spend the first few months of their careers training before going on front line duties.

    [Source: Why force is feeling the strain (5 Feb 07)]

    [2] Misquote: Ian Readhead (Hants DCC) said that officers dealing with an uninsured driver might miss a more serious offender passing by.
    He told a meeting of the Hampshire Police Authority: "We do not employ our staff to sit on those cameras trying to stop every uninsured user of a motor vehicle. We stop some but not all. At the time you're dealing with one offender, you run the risk there are others going through you're not dealing with. You have to make choices about who you're going to target."

    [Source: Caught on camera - let off by police (10 Feb 07)]

    Like most police business, it is a judgement call the officer has to make at the time; if you are tasked to carry out a particular operation and you witness another offence being committed, do you drop what you are doing to jeopardise the operation?
  15. With regards to the random drink tests, that is actually in force. It is done in the town in which I live every so often, the police will pull over every second motorcar and breathalyse the driver. While they are there they also check his/her tax disc as well.

    I don't actually agree that we should introduce the Scandinavian penalty, as I believe that the punishment already in UK Law is satisfactory enough. If a man is found guilty of driving when over the alcohol-limit but hasn't actually caused any damage or injury, why should he be banned for life? Certainly he has displayed an irresponsible attitude and should be dealt with, but is not the inconvenience of re-taking a driving test justice enough?

    If a man is found guilty of driving when over the alcohol-limit and in doing so been the cause of a major road accident resulting in death or injury, then throw the book at him and ban him from driving for life. Two years detention at her majesties pleasure should also assist the man in realising his error.

    Also, on a separate note, more a possible solution to the shortage of police constables. Why not dispense with Community Support Officers and turn them into PC's? Similar role. Go on the beat in local areas, regulating the local communities, dealing with civil issues, with full powers of arrest.
  16. The sort of sh1t who drinks to excess and drives will pay no attention to any law and, as long as the courts do not send them to prison, they will think even less of the possibility that they might be caught and punished.

    If random stops help to sort the problem, bring them on.
  17. Peter

    I like your comment "Why not dispense with Community Support Officers and turn them into PC's? Similar role. Go on the beat in local areas, regulating the local communities, dealing with civil issues, with full powers of arrest"

    The reality is that the invention of PCSOs is a cost cutting exercise by the government and Chief Constables designed to con the public into thinking there are more Police on the streets, hence most forces providing PCSO uniforms that are almost identical to Pcs.

    As my Chief put it "when the government offer you a buy one get three free offer you can't say no" (government funded 75% of PCSOs until they reduced funding) then you can see why the number of Pcs is reducing - it'll all go to rat sh!t before anything gets done about it though!

  18. No way is the punishment enough in this country , if someone killed one of my family through drink driving or joy riding I would expect a life sentence for murder , never happen of course , too many bloody dogooders , makes me bloody sick it does , :evil:
  19. I don't know how they do it in the UK, but over here many states set up vehicle "safety checkpoints" at random times throughout the year, but especialy on notorious drunken holidays such as; July 4th, New Years, and St Patricks day. They check random cars for booze, drugs, insurance, etc.
    The only catch is, that due to laws prohibiting "entrapment", they have to announce when and where they will be set up.

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