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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by JC91, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Just after a bit of advice here, i'm on summer leave from HMS Raleigh at the moment, i go back 31st aug to week 4, NMT.

    When i pass out i should hopefully be moving on to HMS Collingwood for my 17 week phase two training for CIS.

    Before i got to HMS Raleigh i passed my full bike test and now have a 33bhp restricted licesne, so i am planning to get a bike when i get to collingwood as a little run around and fun at the weekends

    now because i'm only going to be using the bike for those 17 weeks and not when i get drafted to a ship can i get insurance just for that period or maybe get insurance in quarters... just wondering if anyone else has got this sort of policy or how they get around it. and is there any insurance companys out there who have special offers/policies for military personnel.

    Thanks for any advice you might throw at me

    JC :thumright:
  2. What you bikers need is "Life Insurance"

  3. JC91 well done for joining the botherhood of the biker world. As for insurance get a yearly policy because you will need to get a NCB, and when you go weekend there will be no probs with endless phone call trying to get another short term policy. They cost an arm an a leg. :thumright:
  4. -Sorry Nutty but you are a [email protected]#t. 24 years later still going strong. Just because you dont have any excitement in your life don't deny others. :thumright:
  5. Wait till you get drafted. You may decide you still want your bike for weekends/leave periods.
  6. A Bike policy for a new biker and JC 91 age bracket it's gonna cost an arm and two legs anyway !!
    Right enough though you need to work a no claims up --under 25 yrs old and they really bump the prices .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  7. Dont forget the insurance covers, as a minimum, third party fire and theft, ie, getting it stolen or set on fire, when you are on draft/ at sea.

    My bike was laid up for 18 months, and it was cheaper for me to carry on with comp insurance, than paying a "laying up" policy.

    Mine cost £76.00 fully comp in the first year, although I am much much much older.

    The accumulated NCB is important too, esp as premiums rise every year.

    (i used Bennets for my insurance BTW)
  8. I agree, I always used Bennetts for my Bike Insurance (that is, until my third kid came along and I had to sell my bike :( ).
    Always go for annual policies even if you aren't actually using the bike, you need to build up your NCB, and in the future if you DO decide to bin the bikes, some insurers will take BIKE NCB on a CAR policy, so you aren't going to be losing out :)
  9. At last a subject of which Nutty is not an expert
  10. Nutty the lad needs advice, not your inane comments, so f*@k off.
  11. Yes ,keep the insurance going for the full year.
    The insurance company view is one of Risk.
    For example,you are just as likely to have an accident in a 6 month policy as in a full year one.So the premium is greater- also more paperwork for them.
    Same goes for agreed vehicle mileage per year - lower mileages usually have a greater premium.
    Shop around as has been said.
  12. Ring up forces direct. They should be able to help and get you a little discount cos you are now in the MOB. If you get insurance you have two options
    1 - get one you pay monthly the when you deploy you cancel your policy thus selling the bike

    2 - get a policy with an insurance break in it for when you go cruisin roung the oggin

    dont have the number to have but if you pop into the upo they should have a copy of the forces discount brochure and the numbers in that
  13. Been riding bikes a long time now, even when i go away i keep insurance running.
    After many insurance companies, I found Bennetts to be the cheapest. Always quote less than 8000 miles used per year. Because if you are general service matelot you'll be hard pressed to do more than this. Always garage if you can, and have bike datatagged for minimum anti theft. I had a DATATOOL alarm system for 3 yrs, but with the bike being on base i found it more of a major pain in the arse than a viable anti theft device.
    Happy and safe riding fella.
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Check your PM's you whinging c***!
  15. Check at there quotes. First give them your home address then get a quote with Collingwoods adrees - newgate late fareham hants po14 1as. I found collingwood cheaper than my home address
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you own a bike its always best to have insurance. I've had a few bikes nicked years ago and wished I had insurance. Since your restricted for the next 2 odd years I have no idea what bike your after or price, but I would recommend setting yourself a budget. Set aside a couple of hundred quid for boots, lid, gloves and top and bottoms that are going to keep you warm & dry. Get yourself a bike cover and good lock and chain, lots of different gear on the market. IMO this is essential gear before you even think about buying a bike. Research what bike you fancy and prices . Loads of insurance comps out there, you just have to do a bit of research again. for reviews on bikes and info on insurance etc.
    Good luck and always be wary of a taxi in front of you signalling to pull in to the left which pulls a u-turn to pick a fare up on the other side of the road.
  17. Try e-bike insurance, they have monthly policies which give ncb and the facility to suspend your policy if the bike off the road, I think although TBH you're better off staying insured all the time, much simpler that way especially if you have the bike locked up somewhere. When I was in, I had a Norwich Union Rider's Policy which covered any bike, so it didn't matter if I sold one when going to sea or whatever. They've done away with that now, more's the pity. E-bike seem very good, though haven't had to claim off them (recent trip down the tarmac only did about £100 quids worth of damage, less than the excess)..

    Ride safe now
  18. Thanks for all the advice guys, lots of useful advice there.

    I'm probably going to get a honda CBF 250 or something similar just to get me used to a bike with gears. i've been on a 50 scooter (not a hairdryer- aprilia mojito custom) for a year so i'm confident on the road just need get used to a 'proper' bike. i passed my test with only 3 minors so i feel confident about it.

    I havent claimed in the year either so i'll just start building up that NCB.

    Thanks again

    JC :thumright:
  19. Dont be fooled into the cheaper trap of giving your home address if your staying in Pompey, Guzz etc or not giving your occupation as HM forces, You will be overloaded as the risk of you travelling long distances at weekends etc will increase your chances of a claim but if giving false information on the insurance application could invalidate any claim.
    Enjoy the two wheeled world and keep shiny side up.
  20. Loads of good advice from people
    I always had bikes when I was in and still do
    Shop round for your insurance, if you go to Bennets mention you saw their name on a Royal British Legion Rinders Branch flyer ( and you might get a discount
    When you get to colingrad pop along to the Red Lion in Stubbington for their bike night

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