Motorcycle? Car? Train?

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by explodingcookie, Feb 18, 2016.

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  1. Hi guys and galls

    I'm joining in a while, and once I'm through Raleigh and at HMS Sultan I'm going to need a way to get home. I have a few options.

    (the trip is around 170 miles to my home either using the M25 or straight through London.

    1) No personal vehicle, just a train home.
    2) A cheap bike kept in Gosport for transport, and a train home. (Stuck on a 125cc so a cheap one cant make the trip)
    3) A new 'sports' 125cc motorcycle that can make the trip home. No train
    4) A car
    5)Abandon my family

    No personal vehicle would obviously leave me with no personal transport if I needed it. (apparantly public transport is crap down there)

    The second option would also leave me with no transport when home.

    Owning a bike would allow more freedom and not having to deal with a crap british rail network and the London underground. However could be miserable in freezing winter rain. But great fuel economy

    A car would be the best option, however as a new 17yo driver without a no claims in Gosport, with so many miles will be prohibitively expensive.

    It would be cheapest to abandon my family, however in the long run may be more expensive due to no inheritance (ONLY KIDDING)

    Any thoughts?
  2. Joining the navy means leaving home! At your age you should be looking forward to meeting new oppos (friends) and having new experiences - including your first sea-going draft. I get the feeling that you want to treat your Sultan experience as Mon - Fri, 9 x 5, with every weekend off when you can zoom up the line to see your folks. My guess is that you will spend only a few months at Sultan before you are ready for your first ship. I'm sure that, if you apply yourself, you will find so much to do that you will only want or have the time to see your family occasionally; so the notion of taking off every weekend 'up-homers' should be put on hold (or forget it).
    On a pragmatic and economic basis, an occasional trip home by train will not break the bank - and you won't have the hassle that goes with owning / maintaining / keeping & paying for / disposing of either a motorbike or car.
    Another consideration - in an establishment the size of Sultan, there will be a good number of older, experienced hands, who will be car owners and will be looking for potential weekend passengers when they go up the line. You will be unlucky not to pick up a lift to somewhere near to your home, on a cost share basis.
    But back to my opening remark; are you ready to leave home?
  3. Having your own vehicle gives you indepedence. However, why not wait until you get there...try out the public transport system - if you don't like it or it's crap then you'll know what to do.
  4. What Polto said.

    Regarding your desire to go home, you may well find your perspective changes during/after Part 1 and Part 2.
  5. My lad joined Collingwood a year ago and immediately thought about getting a car for the same reasons you mention (276 miles to home).
    He quickly realised the limiting factors:
    *Cost of car
    *Cost of insurance
    *Cost of pissing up with his new oppos every night when not duty
    *Potential cost of driving him new oppos to Gosport and being slipped a 'light' shandy or two, losing his licence, car, getting done for bringing the Navy into disrepute etc. etc.
    Pissing up without a car won - he got his forces rail card for when he wanted to pop home 'for a weekend off the booze'!! :)
    (Is now at sea, middle of nowhere and doesn't need the car)
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  6. Right - I think I've decided on the train as I'm not stuck with anything then. Another question though, what kinda stuff is there to do around Southampton/Fareham and Pompey?
  7. I can tell you what's around Raleigh.....not much unless you use the public transport!
  8. The same as matelots have been doing for the last 50 years.
    Screwing the girlfriends of the course that has just finished training and has been drafted away. Some of these hand me on girlfriends must be on pensions now:D:p:(
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  9. Jesus Slim, GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!! Guilty as charged m'lud. He even drove the same make/model of car as me, and hadn't even had his passing out parade when I done the deed. Isn't it funny when you're on divs and look up at the same faces in the families/rogues gallery.
  10. To answer the OPs post. "Abandon your family" makes it sound as if you have a wife and three kids and dog, budgie and cat. If you are 17 and single, believe me a lot is about to change for you and them. They will enjoy their new found freedom as much as you. Don't be surprised to find a change of locks and your mail forwarded to your pt2 establishment.
    If you are in a seagoing trade it might be best to wait till after your first deployment to shell out on a car, insurance wont be so mental and you might have learned to budget. At most training establishments there are a bunch of weekenders (people who go home to wife/kids/parrot) and you can usually beg (pay for) a ride to somewhere near a motorway services near your parents soon to be vacant home. Im off to code an app for Uber for matelots, I remember someone trying a website like that a few years ago, but I simply cannot be arsed to google it. (lmgtfy links please.....)

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