Motorbikes in Sultan

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by XS650BOBBER, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone, its my first post and thought i would say hi first, I have read alot of posts on here which have been a help.

    A quick question i dont have a car and my only mode of transport is my motorbike, would i be able to take this to HMS Sultan?

    And if so is there a good place to keep it there?

    Cheers Connor
  2. You can take a motorbike into SULTAN and there will be designated areas for you to keep your bike, but not inside I am afraid.

    The RNMCC (Royal Navy Motorcycle Club) have their clubhouse at SULTAN next door to the rugby club, by the All Weather Pitch.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys it would be good to take it with me.
    Does anyone know if the bike club have ride outs or anything like that?
    Cheers Connor
  4. They meet every Wednesday evening from around 1900 at the clubhouse. They have rideouts during the summer months, but not during the winter for obvious reasons. They also have the odd breakfast run over a weekend.

    Have a wander down the club when you get to SULTAN and have a chat mate with them.
  5. cheers it wont be for awhile yet but when i get there il pop down and have a chat
  6. why not join the facebook site in the meantime?
  7. I had a look at the facebook club but i dont have an acount yet.
    Il set one up then join, cheers.

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