Motorbikes at Collingwood

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by ScaleyFins, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just a quick question. I'm off to Raleigh in a couple of weeks, from what i've heard i'll be accomodated at HMS Collingwood during my trade training. Will I be allowed to bring my bike?

    Might be jumping the gun a little as if i'm going to have to SORN it and store it it's best to know sooner rather than later.

  2. Yeah mate, no problems
  3. Top banana. Cheers bud - you aren't an oxygen thief after all :)
  4. Mate, I am a biker myself and there are plenty of spaces allocated for bikes there. What do you ride by the way? Bike that is ;-)
  5. Sounds good!

    I've got a Kawasaki Z750S, looks understated, goes like shit off a shovel :D

    What do you ride?
  6. Just bought myself a black 2006 Blade. Very nice and goes as fast as my right hand will allow ;-)
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    You can use the parade ground as a test track!!

    I want a bike badly but I found out today that another guy I know (civvy mate) who has a bike died earlier this week. RIP fella. I wouldn't trust myself with one.
  8. Ive had a few in the past,my 1st bike put me on my own ward in RNH Haslar with a # radius and ulna.My best oppo,george, was also killed on a bike,i actually saw him on the way to ITU and didnt recognise him.i am afraid that todays roads are just way too dangerous for me to have a bike,even if my knackered old knees would allow me one!
  9. I have lost a few friends in bike accidents, but that does not put me off them. I lost too many friends in conflicts whilst in the RN to let it get to me. I love bikes to bits and have had many hours of fun on all the bikes I have ridden. However, I would like to point out that I am not a loony who tries to wheelie, stoppie etc.

    Todays roads are dangerous, but then again, where isn't dangerous these days?

    Just be careful and expect the unexpected. :)
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I've lost more friends in their 30s to critical illness - get out there and live your life, don't try and save it all up for old age!

    The philosophy I adopt is that all those cages on the road are guided missiles out to get you; ride appropriately, assume they'll do exactly what they shouldn't do and ride accordingly.

    Don't ride beyond your abilities and get some advanced training too.

  11. Spot on flags. I have attended advanced riding courses in the past and they teach you a lot, especially about your own abilities and how to improve on them.

    I live life to the full and always have. As the old saying goes: "I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead"

    Anyway, bikes are far more fun than cages full stop.
  12. I'm a girl and I used to ride a ZX6R ...

    I knew a guy, he used to drive a car until he crashed it into a tree and died.

    I knew another guy, he used to jump out of planes until he died on a night jump.

    I knew a guy, he was out walking and he got run over by a truck and died.

    I knew a girl, she used to sew dress until she got cancer and died ...

    A quote from a Guns and Roses song "You'll be lucky if you get out of life alive" ...

    Trust yourself, and get on a bloody bike lol

  13. Its all very well for you Bikers to say you must have your freedoms but there are other other victims in these accidents including your Family and friends.

    The greatest number of M/C accidents are and I quote the the Chief Constable of North Wales

    ""The overwhelming number of riders killed are white men, aged 35 or over, living in north west England or the Midlands, who die on left-handed bends," he said.

    These being of the boy racer type bikes, "Blade etc" The incidence of M/C Deaths increases 26% over the age of 50 years. M/c are 1% of the traffic but 19% of the fatal accidents. over 700 last year.

    Lets face it your reactions are just not fast enough to cope with a machine that accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

    So if you feel the need to bike at least move onto a sit and beg Harley or similar.

    Nutty (Cyclist Biker off road only)

  14. Mmmmm.

    To answer some of your points...

    1. All accidents have victims - not just motorcyclists and their families.
    2. That copper in North Wales is a known bigot when it comes to bikers.
    3. True, but not sure why
    4. I ride a 'Blade' so does that make me a boy racer in the same way as a 40 something who drives performance car such as Porsche, Subaru etc?
    5. Try telling that to 40 odd year old fighter pilot who 'rides' around at mach 2.4. I assume his reactions must be pants as well. :roll:
    6. Ride a Harley? I would rather buy a tractor. :lol:

    Most bikers deaths are caused by 'myopic' car drivers, especially 4x4 drivers who just do not look before manoeuvring. I have had many near misses and not one of them was 'my' fault. The old, "sorry, I did not see you there" routine. There are a few cars running around in the Pompey area with door panels dented, and I will continue to take such action when fecking idiots try to run me off the road. :twisted:

    I will admit some bikers bring the wrong kind of attention to themselves by acting the fool, but I think you will find the majority of us are normal people who do not just simply terrorise local communities.

    Rant mode off. :lol:
  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Compared to other preventable deaths, what is the overall level of motorcycle fatalities? I contend in absolute terms its much lower than drink or tobacco related deaths caused by the victims own choices - before you try to condemn bikers to riding Hardleys then why not cut the number of victims by, say, banning smoking and/or alcohol!

    Hardly the most objective source of any comment on speed related deaths! Have a look at for an alternative view (no less subjective though :) )
  16. The Chief Constable mentioned above is, indeed, well renowned for misrepresenting statistics regarding motorcycle incidents. As was suggesting in a recent edition of MCN, why not write to him, under the FOI guidelines, and ask him to disclose the actual number of accidents involving motorcycles where the rider was deemed not to be at fault?

    Or, the number of accidents occuring within the same period NOT involving motorcycles...

    Just a thought ;)

  17. How strange it is as soon as you inject some objection into any contentious subject where People action effect others be it:

    4x4 vehicles
    Gay persons of either sex actions in public
    Hetrosexual persons of either sex actions in public
    Woman on Ships and Boats
    Immigrants into UK
    Immigrants from UK

    need I go on, the particular aficionados of that particular hobby/ persuasion/addiction come screaming out of the wood work to protect their particular brand. What would any normal person call, 20 plus, groups of large motor cycles screaming along country lanes at speed in excess of 70 mph, four or more 4X4 ripping up bridle paths, herion addicts leaving dirty needls all over a public park, NORMAL BEHAVIOUR???????


    PS Some or most of the above may be legal but are also anti social.
  18. Nutty, I have no idea how old you are and I am not quite sure what you would consider 'normal'. However, the real world is not quite the 'normal' place it was many years ago and therefore our perceptions are no doubt slightly foggy.

    I also notice that you now reside in Spain, so without being rude, what 'I' OR others do whilst living in the UK has absolutely nothing to do with you as long as we are not hurting anyone. Maybe us bikers should march in our leathers as 'your' mob did. :) ;-) Then again, that would probably not be allowed would it.

    Personally, I am more angry with some of the real crimes being conducted which continually go unpunished in this country of ours; Rape, murder, paedophiles, gun crime etc to worry too much about whether I ride my bike along country lanes at 70mph.
  19. I agree with all the comments about the aforementioned chief constable, he has a complete downer on all motorists and especially bikers. Statistics can be manipulated to the users advantage
    The reason alot of over 35's get hurt on bikes is they have come back to bikes after 20year breaks and a modern sportsbike is way above the abilities of most riders on the road (myself included). The A32 Fareham to Alton road is full people riding like twats at weekends and then moaning when the old bill set up speed traps in villages, this the only riding most of these people do a quick sunday blast
    I ride a Bandit 1200 and a gpz 500 as a winter hack
  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer


    The point I was making is that stopping motorcycling will have a trivial effect on the overall number of preventable fatalities. If we're happy for our Guvmint to act as our guardian angel and stop us from hurting ourselves (and I, personally, am not!) then fine, let's stop motorcycling; but first, lets stop the things that kill people in large numbers!

    I'm writing not as a motorcyclist but as a professional engineer who has specialised in risk and safety management. In the safety world you don't bugger about with trivia, (unfortunately the current infatuation with Health & Safety does just this) you actually tackle the things presenting the most significant risk and which affect a large number of people.

    Rant over


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