Motorbike Racing?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by SuzukiLover, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I love racing at places like Oulton park, Cadwell, Donnington and so on.
    I've just turned 18, got my very own suzuki gsxr 06 600cc bike. And love racing! with the acu license.

    I'm just curious is there any activities like this in the navy? or possible to make a team in the near future?

    Would be awesome if there was/is!! because if i get in i'd love to still persue the racing sport !

    Many Thanks :)
  2. So, you love racing then ?
  3. hey - im 18 too.

    i got a kawasaki er5. it rocks!

    i hate that i had to get it restricted tho
  4. I'm sure our very own Suzi Quattro will be along shortly in her leathers for a chat :)
  5. who the hell is suzi quattro??

    anyway back on thread - gixer 6 eh? nice!!
    i had a k2 gsxr6- loved it!!!!!!
  6. Yep well its restricted for roads, but de-restricted on the track!

    Just baught some michelins 2ct tyres! £220 fitted isnt too bad

    Sticks like shit to a blanket

    Need to try the diablo super corsa tyres but flippin awful in the wet! and you know how the uk weather is these sorta months!! hehe
  7. There is a RN Motorsport Association (RNMSA) and also see RNMCC thread
    Once you have finished training, you can get assistance to compete in events such as entry fees and duty travel to and from the track
    My mate who is a WO2 races under the RN banner
    You must join the RNMCC to qualify for assistance
  8. Sweet ^__^, now that does look good! thanks Buster :)
  9. Told you she'd be here soon fellas! ;)
  10. [​IMG]

    u little love!!!!!!!!
  11. oooh Lamri!! you play cod 4? how goods your clan? i wasn't too bad untill i left for crysis :X superb game > poor internet game play by the developers !!!
  12. We're a BF2 clan mainly with servers for both BF2 and CoD4 :)

    BH I take it you googled Suzi Quattro then ? :D
  13. I would love to Google Suzi Quattro :dwarf:
  14. Thing is how would we transport the bike around? :p surely woudnt be allowed on the ship would it? !!! :rambo:
  15. Generally every establishment/base port has a bike club and areas to garage/park your bike whilst you away in foreign climes. When onboard ship you can park almost anywhere in the dockyard, but it advisable if away on ship to find a mate with a garage, or leave it at your home address. BTW like playing catch up.

    Only joking ;)

    Oh thread hijack, most realistic FPS out there Americas Army, free to download i.e. 34quid cheaper than COD4 (which i also have) and kicks BF2 into touch(which i also own). Here you go
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    P'ah... Ducati Monster S4 (916cc) all the way... see me waving in my mirror?! :wink:

  17. Suzi lover,

    I would do as Buster recommends and I know there are a couple of lads at the RNMCC who are based in Sultan, who race. Maybe worth getting yourself down to there on a Wednesday evening for a chat.

    Gixxer 600's, I often see them as little specs in the mirrors of my Blade. :)
  18. lol sgt shouldve paint shopped those pink wheels out :sign11:
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Angry_Mac: Actually they're red, not pink... :lol: But says you with the luminous green Kawa?! Wassup? Picnic hamper gets a bit wobbly at 75mph?! 8O :wink:
  20. Crikey, 75mph - is it restricted then? :)

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