Motor Torpedo Boat - For Rent.

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. I thought at first you were being detrimental about Jennifer's son Adam (insider joke for Archers fans), but, seriously, they were great boats.
    As "Hornet" based officers' cooks in the early fifties, we used to volunteer for weekend "duties" (a quick cocktail party on Friday evening and cook Sunday lunch for the boat - rest of the time was our own), and got to visit the Channel Islands and French and Dutch Channel ports on many happy occasions. The trips to and from were quite exciting too! Most of the Skippers were young two ringers who treated their boats like personal speed machines, Gosport to Guernsey and only touched about three waves on the way. THEY were REAL skimmers!
    Happy days!

  2. You seen the number on that last post of yours?........creepy.

    I mean...that E-mail address in the link:-

    [email protected] etc.......Zagreus sounds a bit Satanic to me!
  3. Perhaps Ian Craig does the catering. :hungry:

    The last such big boys' toys were Sabre, Cutlass and Scimitar at Portland. They used to hop over to the Channel Islands for lunch between FOST serials until one failed to restart its engines one day. The incident involving the harbour wall at Alderney when one missed the gap in poor visibility didn't help, either.
  4. Didn't one of them trash a Cockle Factory or something at the
    end of a pier once - putting 75% of the local workforce out of work?
    Dit seems to ring a distant bell.

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