Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by madave, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi all!

    I passed my RT test in Jan2010 so been waiting just over a year now for MA.. All through the summer waiting for my medical and fitness test I was training 3-4times a week.. Passed them both then after my interview in August2010 I was told about the waiting times was told 18months, then in December2010 was told 36months..

    I'm struggling to get in the gym, I've lost the motivation. I like working out feeling fitter and stronger than the other people in the gym.. With no motivation, I could still make the run but it would be a lot harder.

    How do people keep going?

    How do you keep your mind focused on something that's not going to happen for 2and a half years.. In that period of time your whole life could change.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up just looking for some help to keep going..

    Any help ideas welcome..

  2. You could volunteer at you local sea cadets or even ATC or ACF. It will keep you in the mind set of joining the forces, you'll gain extra service knowledge and most likely enjoy it. There's also the bonus it looks good on you're application, but it isn't something to get into just for that reason alone.
  3. On a greater scale. 2 1/2 years isn't that much compared to potentially 20+ years of Navy life if thats what you're in for.

    I have also been waiting a year but im just going about everyday life as i would without the wait. I like keeping fit and i don't see it as training for the Navy but just training to keep fit and strong. Ive got another year to wait but im trying to think objectively. Not making any large scale plans but just those that keep me going for a few months. When i look back the time has gone fast and summer is coming up, so its time to start getting out there and enjoying the weather again doing sports. Just little things like that which make it enjoyable.
  4. Look at it as a lifestyle instead of a means to an end. Just because you will eventually get in doesn't mean you can just sit back on your laurels and quit the need to get it fixed in your mind that 'this' is what you do, what you's what makes you what you are, if you see what I mean.
  5. I'm in a similar positon with my motivation lagging. My plan is to seek out any and all fun runs, half marathons or anything that will ultimately cause me to feel pain if I fail to keep up with the fitness.

    Also maybe try a few more team sports or even something like boxing where failure to keep fit could quite literally get my lardy arse knocked out :)
  6. I'm in the position that I'm totally motivated for the cause, but before my application went in I played badminton once or twice every couple of months, football (5 a-side) once a week, & went swimming once in a blue moon. So as you can imagine I wasn't very fit at all! I could run for maybe a minute before having to have a walk, & I was also overweight, & feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not a naturally fit person; I have to work very hard to keep on top of it. & working all hours in a rather sedentary job never helps.

    As soon as my application went in, I began going to the gym as well as continuing with my other meager sports, & over the months I've come to really enjoy working at it. What I don't enjoy (as I'm sure is the case with a lot of people) is waiting for the results to show in the first place. It's a slow process, especially for someone like me who was never really the "sporty" type. I've even come to enjoy just running, (treadmill and outdoors) which I never thought would happen... it can be boring at the best of times, but stick some loud upbeat music on the iPod & it helps a lot.

    The trick is to make it habit, & not have to think about fitting it in.. it's not an add-on to your life, it's got to be part of it & has to be continued to the same level if not more so once you're in the blue suit. If I can work a 50 hour week & still get fit for the Navy I'm sure most others can! It's taken me two years & on 15th May it all comes to fruition. I can't bloody wait!!

    Good luck madave, you'll do just fine. If you're really stuck, maybe you should get a gym buddy!
  7. How about the fact that if you stop training and get into the navy and can't pass the fitness tests then you'll be out on your ear and the whole wait would have been a waste of everybodies time?

    You have to keep going, you don't stop training once you get in the navy. And if you enjoy it like you say, surely thats motivation enough?
  8. Think of what it is you are preparing for. Its not a place at HMS Raleigh...its more than that...its the rest of your life. Find ways to make your work outs fun. Pick a new route to run on and choose some upbeat music to listen too. If its circuit training then maybe find someone to train with and motivate eachother.

    Each time you work out, try to beat your performance the previous session as even that small achievement makes you feel like you are getting somewhere. Hang in there ok
  9. I should really be blunt as motivation should not be an issue. For me I do shift work so im running and in the gym early hours in the morning, late at night and evening. But my number one rule is my ass won't touch that couch cause other wise that's it, feet up tv on. Get some strong black coffee and some banging music and off you go.
  10. do me a favour & stay motivated!!! I've just passed my PJFT re-take this morning (with the new Raleigh-esq time restriction) & passed. It's such a good feeling!! :D
  11. Hiya.
    im joining up as a MA too.
    i sat my RT feb 10 interview and all the other bits in march 10. i was told it was two years for me meaning i would go to Raleigh feb 12 but i recently had a call from my AFCO to resit my medical and fitness as they had run out as it had been a year since i took them and my waiting time had been reduced to 18months meaning im looking at going in October this year.

    The motivation side i have been running with a friend and thats helped build my fitness and you compete against each other which pushes you. after running with a freind i feel more motivated to go running on my own mainly on the road but i sometimes go on a treadmill just for a change. just make sure you dont give up on phys all together as you will regret it as it will probally be harder to get fitter than if you just keep the fitness up even though you may not be doing it a often...... urm but other than that i just keep looking at the news and seeing whats going on in the world of the RN and keep hoping and think about other things to do but i still keep the idea on the back of my mind. also look for other MAs on here and you can ask all of them what their waiting times are like as that may help get some added information etc :) i do know there are 4 MA entries going through Raleigh this year june july october and november.
    hope that helps .
  12. I have a start date. :) 27th Noverber2011.. I think that the careers office could do a bit more with helpping keep people motivated just by sending people letters keeping them informed and in touch. I haven't heard from them since Aug2010 to yesterday when I got my start date which is a very long time and one of the main reasons I started to become demotivated. But as soon as I started reading my letter it all came back to me!!! Partied hard last night to celebrate and this week I'm going to start sorting myself out. I haven't lost my fitness I been doing spinning once or twice a week but I haven't done my run in a while.


  13. Whats Spinning MADave??


  14. What's Google, WSTB?
  15. In door cycling class. It's really intense, very hard work. YouTube "spinning class" or better still try it out at your local gym!!!!
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Communication is a two way issue. Candidates are strongly advised to attend an RPC & most AFCOs are open mon-fri 09:00-16:30.

    Due to the current numbers of applicants, the motivation aspect can also be viewed as a Darwinian method of selection in which only the best candidates join.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    WTF?? Why should they? They're busy enough processing applicants - or graduate Nurses, in Ninja_Stoker's case - but if you cannot motivate yourself, then you're clearly not suitable for a life in the Forces. Man up, grow some and stop dripping; show some initiative, get off yer arse and make the enquiries with your AFCO yourself, not expect them to do all the hard work for you... :roll:
  18. On reflection - I think you'll be OK in the RN, Madave.

    (Most folk only get to upset a serving Reggie once they in, but you seem to have cracked it already . . . . . :evil1:)

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