Mothers to name and shame fathers

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. True enough Slim, if they care so little for their own children as to bilk them, why would they care if their name is on some website.

    I do however like the more commonsense approach of the new agency for the rest of us who give a toss about our children....
    I once knew a Matelot who was giving the CSA nearly £700 a month, and his Mrs only saw £410. They both swallowed their pride and talked to each other, so she got £550 a month direct from him and they both told the CSA to shove it.

    And hopefully the punitive measures for those who do not choose to do the sensible thing will actually have some teeth for once.
  2. Whilst I am all for doing everything we can to ensure absent parents pay, equally we should do more to ensure that parents with custody are not able to prevent absent parents seeing their offspring on reasonable terms, and that those who ignore court judgements on this matter are equally held up to public ridicule.
  3. I agree Maxi, the fathers rights campaign with blokes dressed as Batman hanging off landmarks may have come in for some ridicule but it did at least raise the profile for those who are unjustly denied access and have no effective legal recourse as non compliance is met with apathy. Hopefully they wont be left out of the reorganisation either.
  4. Of course they won't be left out of the system. All they have to do is join the club and keep up the payment of membership fees, sometimes referred to as Maintenance payments. ^_^;
  5. But how does it work when half of them don't even know who the fathers are? One girl I used to know, they had no way of telling who the father might be as the DNA samples looked as though they'd been spliced from half of Guz ;)
  6. Surely if the men have a name and shame board for none payments then the women should have a name and shame board for denying access to fathers who are trying to see their children. I'm a single father paying through the CSA (her choice), about 4 months ago the bank messed up and didn't pay my standing order, its only just been sorted out. What happens there, do I get name and shamed through no fault of my own. The CSA are going anyway so will this idea go with them?
  7. just hope they make a better job of it than the CSA, I gave them Lo's dad home number, work number and mobile number they wrote to me a month later and said due to being unable trace him they were closing his file,
  8. Dear Wompers I understand, having no personal experience of the CSA myself, that unless a man lies down before them and cries rape me rape me they will find him to difficult to find.
  9. Unless your in the armed forces of course, then they have you by the balls!
  10. From what I have read/heard, the CSA go after easy targets, ie those already paying. Those who are not paying get away with it because its too much like hard work to actually go after non payers....
  11. Indeed they do, I was told by the CSA 3 years ago when I started making payments that if I stopped them then they can have the money straight from the pusser jpa people before it even hits your pay!!
  12. ok,,,,, its not just the dads that bugger off.....many a mum leaves her children too ..hope the mums get named and shamed too............ sometimes its the dads that get to keep the children....
    i know also that some parents wont let the other see.... the children..
    perhaps,,, the courts should look into how parents use their children as weapons against each other........that does more damage than the lack of funds,,,
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    My Mother always shames me about my fatherhood skills when she learns I've had a night of debaunchery down the local pub.....
  14. But then she does that about most of your skills does she not.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So true...sadly.

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