Mother wins deportation victory


War Hero
Good enough to fight and die for the country, but not good enough to live here. Don't blame them for quitting now they're eligible to live here.


War Hero
Perhaps this could be used as a test for all the illegal immigrants that wish to live here. Must serve 4 years in the army fighting on the British side before being allowed to remain.
slim said:
Perhaps this could be used as a test for all the illegal immigrants that wish to live here. Must serve 4 years in the army fighting on the British side before being allowed to remain.
I agree totally. If you serve with the Frence Foreign Legion for 5 years with no major boo boos you get French Citizenship. Maybe we should do the same here.



Very strange set of standards we live by in this Green and Pleasent land , serve the Country and get shit on , come here and act as scum and hate the Country , well fxxk me we cant do enough for them , rape , murder , sexual assault , it doesn't matter we wont deport you , do your finest and out you bloody well go , not the first time a case like has happened , whats wrong with these idiots in these Minestries , not an ounce of common sense between them , :twisted: pleased common sense has prevailed in this instance , .
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