Mother Takes Son's Ashes To Court

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. I think many of us can relate to this story.

    A distraught mother carried her teenage son's ashes into a courtroom to prove he was dead - almost two years to the day he died. Skip related content

    Julie Strange took the dramatic action after the DVLA repeatedly sent letters to her dead son Paul alleging he had failed to inform them about the sale of a mystery vehicle.

    She was even contacted by bailiffs wanting to seize the vehicle.

    Dear Mrs ----- can you please inform us to the reason you never made your hospital appointment regarding your latest stroke.

    Probably because she never left hospital alive you stupid -----!!!! Three years ago!!

    One would think in this modern age of the computer when plod can click in your details and pull you over for none payment of car insurance and road tax the medical people could do the same regarding knowing who is deceased and who is recieving medical treatment.!!
  2. Couldn't agree more backpacker1uk its a total disgrace. Even now those leg-irons at the DVLA have got the cheek to say they don't comment on individual cases. There should certainly be some accountability for their continual cock-ups and in this case an apology should be forthcoming to the lads mother for the upset and aggravation caused to her by these incompetent morons.

    Red Sailor
  3. What I find particularly good is the DVLA ads - "we have all your details on a database ... and we know when your tax-disc expires". I'd bloody well hope so - this is pretty basic stuff! Not what you should be shouting about, surely!
  4. My Dad passed away in July and I sent his driving license back to DVLA, I never heard anything else. I phoned them in September to make sure they had received his license and they said they had. So I asked why I had not received confirmation of this and they said that they don't send out confirmation. I asked how I was meant to know that they had received it and it had not fallen into criminals hands, and to prevent the sort of circumstances stated in the original post.

    I emailed to complain and am still waiting on a reply.
  5. They probably don't confirm receipt of complaints either.

    I agree though with the comments above. It doesn't really seem to make sense that information collected and transferred onto a computer database can't be used better than it is. The Junk Mail companies never seem to have any difficulty in getting access and interpreting it for their use.

  6. The DVLA's system is only as good as the information it is given by humans who can and do make errors.You could probably forgive their shortcomings if they were a little more humble in accepting they have them.The "tough titty thats the way it is pal"attitude is whats gets up people's noses.

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