Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. You`re spot on this time Slim.
  2. have to agree. welfare state should not mean being able to put that much aside in a year. but thats why we have east europeans doing all the manual jobs while benefit junkies sit on their hoops. :twisted:
  3. Ditto , it well pisses me off , :cry: :twisted: :evil:
  4. We saved £500 fr xmas
    i got a weekend job.. for this reason.........
    I too find it hard that some on benifits have saved soooooo much when every penny has been pinched and squeesed!! from my hands...
    We lost all of ours too.. But Im damed if my children will miss out..
    xmas is about the love of your family and friends..gitfs and cards are always a bonus to the joy of seeing family ..... As most of mine are soooooo far away..........

    This year has been a complete pig and I for one cant wait to see the back of it............
  5. Hope next year is so much better for you "josie" , see you in the club later on , I'm at work at the moment , but finish around 2100ish ,
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Who recalls the outrage in Parliament over the collapse of Farepak? The government must have identified votes in it. Not so for the 'grannies' with their Railtrack shares.


    National emergency? 8O FFS. What would they call something serious?

    Why don't these folk just save their money (welfare derived or otherwise) in the bank?
  7. Seadog many welfare claimants do not put their money in the bank because they are frightened that it may have an effect on their benefit payments.
    Unfortunately Wales seems to be the leader when it comes to the number of benefit seekers. There is work in the Llanelli region. At present the local councils are trying to get extra money out of the government because there are so many children of Polish origin in the local schools. The Poles are not stealing the work, locals will not do it as benefits are set at too high a level.
  8. Slim, this country is riddled with the scum.
  9. £1700! That's almost 2 months salary after tax! Bloody hell, why am I working full time when I could live on benefits?

    Regarding the question as to why people don't save in banks, Slim's right in that people are afraid of being reassessed and having their benefits cut. I have an oppo in Newcastle who has spondolyosis and has problems with stairs. He cannot climb into a bath because it's too high up for his legs, but Social Services are refusing to provide him with a shower cubicle becuase they claim that only people in wheelchairs qualify. I've put him in contact with the Disability Law Service who provide free legal advice in a number of areas to disabled people and their families. Details below, if this is any help to any matelots. He faced losing some of his benefits because he had too much in savings - less than £2000 - so he had to get rid of it or be penalised! There's something rotten in the State of Britain today, and much of it is petty bureaucracy whose root cause is the Treasury. Those who save and lose their job/are medically retired will be punished for saving whilst those who spend every penny gain. It's the same with the pensions system of course - thrift is punished and fickleness rewarded! :roll: :(

    End of rant!

    Disability Law Service

    National Adviceline

    The advice line is be closed from 22nd December until the 2nd January 2007.

    Tel: 020 7791 9800
    Minicom: 020 7791 9801

    Monday to Friday 10.00am - 1pm
    Monday to Friday 2.00pm - 5pm

    Written Enquiries

    You can fax or E-mail them on:

    Fax: 020 7791 9802

    E-mail: [email protected]

    or write to them at :

    The Disability Law Service
    39-45 Cavell Street London E1 2BP
  10. Its symptomatic of the Rot that has set in this country!I wish i could save £1700!!!!!
    It never ceases to amaze me, when during the course of my work i have to go to areas that are popuated by nearly 100% benefit claimants,how many houses have Sky TV dishes and new cars outside the houses,if they are living in poverty,how the hell can they afford them????
  11. We're all in the wrong job!!
  12. And they can all afford oily rags too!!
  13. have worked for 35 years now, my kids call me humbug
    never stopped paying out, oh how I wish i was 19 again and in the mob, life was so much simpler then

    Next week like most Dads will get tapped for a loan which I will never see the repayment, sod it at least i might be skint but at least I am happy

    Happy Xmas shipmates
  14. notice as well the chav husband also has the latest red scum united top as well.
  15. £39.99!Kin hell!
  16. Firstly.

    Who in there tiny minds wants a poxy hamper full of shite that you wouldn't feed to the dog!!

    Why not buy a few stamps when they pop into the supermarket and let it grow til Christmas then go buy whatever you require not what is in the shite things. Never known a supermarket to go bust!!

    What is this ruin Christmas thing for fecks sake it is one day a year!! Nothing special just a day somebody calls Christmas to be enjoyed by spending spending spending. If you are stupid enough to fall in the financial blackmail trap called Christmas of course.

    What I have heard is you can go on disability if you are a piss head or junkie.

    These people are all disabled but still manage to knock a few kids out what exactly is disabled??

    Eyesight maybe!!! Sorry I just can't see myself working!!!

    Secondly where do they get this megga pay out from. Seventy pounds a week I am paid by this shite govt having drawn my very own private pension which is not much more than income support and I have to buy everything with having this thing called pension including medication. I have had one brain haemorrhage and brain op blood pressure is so high no can go work even though I can walk about. Nobody will employ me due to the risk.

    How long savings will last before I can claim benefits I do not know THEN I HAVE TO FIND PART MONEY FOR RENT RATES ETC. But have been told if I buy new car or go on holiday will be told I have wasted money. Money I saved while working not fecking shirking like some of the NEVER WORKED!!!! toe rags about.

    I do not want to see my savings vanish paying rent, rates, food, sooner be working but can't.

    Please send info where I can claim all these riches I am white born in England. Sorry do not qualify must be of ethnic or lazy bastard background. Ok could you not have told me that when I started picking spuds for pocket money when I was twelve and carried on from there. Somebody once said remember you are English. WHY!!!!!!
  17. Tell you what , it makes me fxxxxxxxxxxg sick to see these dregs on society tacking the piss , next week we have the other 2 eastern block countries joining the EU , we must be fffffing mad ,
  18. Backpacker, the philosophy of sucessive governments has been, in effect:

    Be thrifty and you shall be handed the chaff;
    Be feckless and you shall reap the corn!
    He who is deserves the least takes the harvest;
    He who deserves the most bites the dust!

    Book of Welfare, I:23-26.

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