Mother jailed for baby drug death

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by ukdaytona, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Better still, capital punishment :)
  2. It was manslaughter. In practice she will not be getting off lightly when she arrives inside. Moreover she has to live with the knowledge that she killed her only child.
  3. Because really it is probably looked upon the same if not harsher than letting your child drink say bleech. She never gave the child an overdose. Just didnt prevent it from happening by not locking it away etc.

    It wasnt an illegal substance the baby took. And although it is really bad and shocking that she let it happen. The woman has clearly got a lot of issues.

    The bigger question is why the hell are people who are drawing methadone from a pharmacy allowed to keep there children?

    I would say if it was a none drug user had allowed the same thing to happen with some other product the parent would not have gone to jail.
  4. She should be put away for life, the girl (that's all she is, no matter her age, she has acted like a stupid child), has no right to ever have children again!
  5. The real question is:
    Why do social services allow addicts to raise children?
  6. All because we live in a namby pamby PC society that panders to chavvy scum like this!
  7. Perhaps it is because of the generally bad reputation of childrens homes with regard to child abuse. Not always as easy a choice as it may look after the event. After all do more addicts harm their children or do more childrens homes harm children, after all most of the young homeless are the products of our escellent child care system.
  8. Perhaps then we should be investigating and investing in both the homes and people tasked to care for these children

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