My current M-I-L is 86, stone deaf, never leaves the house, cannot operate heavy machinery, never visits (unless brung round in the car), has no assets of any value to pass on when she croaks and always has her telly on at Warp Factor 10. She also does not want any visitors on Christmas Day and the only major thing we have to concern ourselves with - is to ensure that the stuff in her fridge is not 12 months past its eat-by-date (so she don't poison herself). She's a perfect Mother-in-law.

Unfortunately, I married her youngest daughter.
a 'fall' down the stairs is a much better way of dealing with it.[/QUOTE]

Pomeyexpat - yes shipmate; it is!! She was slagging the wife and daughter off so impolitely asked her to fekin do one and **** off out of my house. I know that may be harsh on Xmas Eve an all that but if beggars belief when she belittles my daughter who was doing nothing wrong! We've never got on but I hope she is stewing in her own misery - home alone. There's only 3 people I can honestly say I hate in this world and that's all paedophiles (they should all be tortured and then shot), my father and finally my mother in law. Anyway- merry Christmas to you all I know that mine will be a lot better now that theism table old ****** has one home!!
There's nothing wrong with that shippers. Told the wifes grandfather to shut up or leave once when he was spouting racist and bigoted bollox one Christmas at my place when the kids were younger. He shut up and we've got on like a house on fire ever since.
Have a good 'un Taff and I hope the new year is good to you and yours.

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