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mothballed ships - Portsmouth

Father_Famine said:
The old scrap yard at Tipner on the way in to Pompey seems empty now, I only saw a Tank and what looks like some heavy landing transporters.

There's still a Ton class there - semi-dismantled on the west side, and the old HMS STALKER (a tank transporter?) is rusting away quietly. Apparently the council are trying to close it down as it is an eyesore.

I saw the 3 Hunts and 1 Sandown in 1 Basin behind Victory, wondered what was happening with them, had some good afternoons on the Cattistock and Cottesmore when I worked in Small Ships. :wink:

The Hunts are the former Northern Ireland patrol vessels (COTTESMORE, DULVERTON and BRECON), decommissioned late last year as part of the "Peace (ahem) Process". There are a lot of Sandowns around the base, I lose touch which ones are where, but apparently they are being kept in mothballs for "attrition losses". Such as ...


... maybe.

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