MOT,s Every TWO Years Proposed

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by trelawney126, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. Daft idea, MOT is the only reason and time people check their cars and do maintainance.

    If you go to a Council run testing center, as they dont do repairs, they do a honest test and not rip you off.
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Couldn't agree more. There are far too many drivers happy to leave headlight bulbs gone tyres worn etc.
  3. Whats an MOT, :)
  4. Its a girl's thingy, you know a thingy jig.:toothy3:
  5. Falling into line with other parts of Europe perhaps!
    In France, the C.T, ( Controle Technic ), is every 2 years. Carried out by independent test centers who don't carry out any form of repair work, so they are not biased.
    So, we will have even more motors with misaligned headlamps, etc.
    c'est la vie
  6. It could save us money but could cost us lives..Whats more important?? kerching!!

  7. Showing your age Rummers, not heard it called a Mott for yonks
  8. mott.jpg

    A bunch of ..............???
  9. Took my car for it's first MOT last year. Passed the MOT but was told by the main dealer the the brake discs and the wipers will need changing before this years or it wouldn't pass. Cars only done 9000 miles and the brake discs are worn - like I believed that.
    This year took the car to an independent garage and it sailed through. Quizzed the mech who did the test and he said there were no problems. Bloody main dealer looking for money - won't be going back. Independent garage picked up the car from home and delivered back as well after a valet. Good value. Will use them again.
  10. Yep, every two years here in Spain, (it's called ITV) by a specialist centre with no repair facilities. Until the car is 10 years old, then every year. But they have a grown up attitude too, they won't fail you for a blown lamp - you can replace it yourself, from the set you MUST carry. And the first thing they check, believe it or not, is the oil level!! Too high - fail, too low - fail.

    As I recall, the MOT is only good for the time it takes to drive out of the garage............, so misaligned headlights etc, well, there you go!
  11. Use the Council test center, they dont do repairs so arnt after your money
  12. I do not see the reasoning behind this "more deaths/heaps on the road".
    How many bent Mot's do you think are in the UK at anyone time.
    Its like the old reasoning that Locks keep out honest people. You drive a wreck you know you're doing it and will do so with or without Mot's.
    My car does about 2000 miles a year, I remember the days when I would do that in about 5/6 weeks.
    There are thousands like me.
    Taxi's that do high mileage get an MOT every 4 months around these parts.
    And on that note I know a few years ago lots of taxi drivers would have two identical cars, one for work, one for MOT and please don't bother to tell me about VIN and Identity plates, I know all the dodges.
    So I guess what I'm saying is that mot's are relevant to mileage.
  13. Back when I used to drive proper rustbuckets my mate would charge 60 quid for a MOT without actually checking my car. I wonder how many dodgy MOT mechanics there are like my old friend around the country.
    Recently driving home at night I usualy see at least two cars with a dipped beam bulb missing. Then again driving during the day nearly every driver is on their mobile phone which is just as dangerous if not more.
  14. I am with you on that one, along with tarts applying lipstick in the rear view mirror and builders suppin a hot mug of tea whislt doin 90 on the motorway.
  15. BBC News - Reading text message killer driver jailed

    It's amazing just walking down the street, people don't look where they are going because they are too busy texting. It's like the nation is addicted to their mobile's nowadays, quite funny when they collide with street furniture though. I am sure it must be some sort of compulsive disorder some people have, they just don't seem to be able to ignore their phone if it goes off.
  16. My wife was asked for £650 quid by a main dealer, as her car needed 'essential repairs' prior to MoT. All the discs and pads required replacing, along with both front tyres.

    I brought the car home, got out some of me little gizmos and did a bit of checking. The discs were indeed worn ... to a depth of 0.06mm from the original spec, and the pads had been worn so much that over 8mm was left on each. The tyre tread depths averaged 4.5mm on the front pair and 4.8mm on the rears.

    When challenged, the dealer said that the works were essential to the safety of the vehicle! I pointed out that it wasn't the safety of the vehicle that concerned me, it was the safety of the driver! Blonde receptionist didn't understand that bit, and went on to say that the service records must be kept up-to-date by the dealership.

    She didn't understand some of the genuine english words which I strung together to explain that she was giving me a rectal recital, and really should bone up on the facts before delivering the falsehoods.

    I took it to an independent tester - the local VOSA Commercial - who passed it after going through every part of the car as though it had been a 'recovered write-off'.

    Never been back to a dealer, and never will!

  17. I had new rear disks pads and calipers fitted on my motor, only for it to fail on the disc's two and a half weeks later at the same place as had supplied and fitted them. When I challenged them on it, I was told that the chap who inspected them had of course meant the front assembly.
    I then showed them my receipts for the same work they had done on the front in November last year and asked for it all to be renewed under their warranty. It suddenly was reinspected and I was told it was perfect and the mechanic would be disciplined.
    What for? getting found out?

    Welcome to rip off Britain.
  18. One of our local English language free newspapers actually has a guy advertising to provide 'genuine' UK MOTs........

    If you want, check out 'Sur in English' classifieds!!

    My cars are on Spanish plates, Spanish insurance and Spanish ITVs! Just so you know!!
  19. We're simply falling in line with many other countries.
    In Spain you get four free years and then a test every two years. When the car is ten years old it changes to every year.
    The MOT (ITV) stations cannot repair the vehicle, the case in many other EU countries as well. That way you feel the test has not been biased, not done to get work for the garage etc..a much more fair system.
    Anybody who relies solely on the test to watch out for the mechanical condition of their car is a tw*t of the first water.
    I regularly collect car parking money for charity events. From my vantage point sitting in a low chair I would put a conservative estimate of dodgy tyres at around 50 percent.
    Hands up anyone out there who'se rear tyres are dying of old age, having been on the car for 5 or more years - and one of the largest causes of motorway blow outs!

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