Most 'valuable' branch for a reservist to join? +other questions

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Mess Webly Time, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. Hi all - I've got a few questions that I hope will be simple to answer.

    I'd appreciate your input on them.

    So: I'm looking at joining (or applying to) the RNR. Like anyone fully exploring this idea, I've been looking at the branches available for successful trainees to join.

    As someone without military experience, I imagine I'd join as a rating, then go into Sea (Res).

    But I only really want to seriously consider doing this if I can be of some value to the RN once I'm trained. So before I set that as my path, could someone please answer:
    • Are Sea (Res) ratings a valuable asset for the RN?
    • Are they frequently deployed compared to other branches?
    • Are there less useful branches, more useful branches? I've seen people joking about Media Comms, but not sure if this just reflects a bit of interbranch banter or a deeper worry about usefulness of reservists
    These questions reflect my desire to focus on an area that would be of most use to the service.

    Then a second tranche of questions:
    • I know that I have to run 1.5mi as a fitness test - but is there a level of fitness/strength that someone can aim for to be good, or better-than-good, during and after Raleigh? 1.5mi in 11ish minutes is relatively benign. Would be nice to impress.
    • Does an AFCO meeting ever result in being bumped to rating from officer, or vice versa? Is there a suitability check at that point? Or is it all in the hands of the applicant to choose which they want to go for?
    I have many more questions but don't want to try everyone's patience.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts on the above.

  2. I'll leave the second tranche of questions to @Ninja_Stoker

    As for the rest, Sea Res are doing some useful stuff at the moment, not in large numbers, but useful never-the-less. Not sure what I am allowed to say on the open forum, so I will refrain from so doing.

    Media Ops is an officer only branch.
    Does that help?
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  3. I don't know if Sea Res themselves are valued or not to be honest however they can be a feeder for joining Mine Warfare and Diving. Given that MCMVs deploy to Gulf continuously I would assume there are opportunities for regular deployments. They would probably be the best branch to join (along with CIS) if you want sea time on a warship.

    I don't think you can measure 'usefulness' just being good at your job in whatever you're doing will be the most use, whether that's alongside or away at sea.

    There isn't a specific fitness test where you have to be better than the RNFT (Royal Navy Fitness Test) but look at the requirements for Diver and work towards those fitness levels if you want a challenge.

    It's up to you if you want to go Rating or Officer, the AFCO maybe try and persuade you if you meet the academic requirements for Officer but you are under no obligation to change. I was never at any point put under any pressure to change.

    Hopefully that helps.
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  4. That does help, thank you.

    Thank you, that is also helpful.

    Much appreciated both. Lots to think about.

    Anyone else have an opinion on my questions above?
  5. It is worth saying that it also depends on whether your previous military experience means you get to skip certain aspects of training. If not then it might be worth re-examining the specialisations in a few months time when you make your choice. Plenty are going through changes at the moment, the whole RNR is going through a process of defining with the RN what each specialisation is supposed to be supplying and working towards.

    The officer route certainly offers more niche capabilities, some of which the RNR are the genuine Subject Matter Experts in and deliver real operational capability to the RN. Though the length of the training pipeline means it takes a lot longer before you can mobilise in a useful role.
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  6. Thanks @CmdKeen. I don't have military experience, so I won't be skipping any aspects of training.

    Must say: being a desk-bound galley slave on civvy street, I'm more interested in being a hands-on rating than an RNR officer, even if the latter is able to provide subject matter expertise. Although maybe I'm just being idealistic.

    Are you able to share any more information on what is happening to the specialisations? I'm looking at Sea(Res) but really struggling to find solid information on duties/opportunities on ANY branches.

    Would be great to get an idea of what joining this branch, and others, would really involve.
  7. MWT;
    Be aware that, in the RNR, you do not choose your branch until, at least, a term after entry. This gives you plenty of opportunity to discuss the pro's & con's of the options open to you. I suggest that you concentrate on getting into the RNR first.

    Then, whilst in unit, you will get both formal briefs and the chance to ask around the bazaars as to what's what. You will also get more information than any of us are willing to post on the www. This, surprise surprise, is why you can't find much detail on the internet.

    As I say to all in your position - buy a copy of Navy News and ask for a copy of Maritime Reservist. These are the two open source publications that will give you a clue or two.
  8. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Never mind the Branches, here's the Gen pistols.

    It will take a year to 18 months to put you through basic. Plenty of time to look then...
  9. Thanks Branch Hopper. I did actually think this, but a recent AFCO email said to call and discuss BOP. However, when I called, we didn't discuss that. So there is the root of my confusion.

    Tbh I hadn't put 2+2 together to understand why more information was not available publicly. A classic civvy mistake I imagine.

    Already reading Navy News and picked up the Spring issue of Maritime Reservist.

    Seen this advice numerous times now so will just chill out and focus on getting through basic.
  10. [QUOTE="
    really struggling to find solid information on duties/opportunities on ANY branches.

    As someone going through the application process myself, I can sympathise. I thought I'd need a thorough knowledge of the direction I wanted to go for the AFCO interview (which is soon), but online information is less than clear. Judging from the comments here, that's intentional and it'll become clearer as the process rattles on. Good luck!

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