Most useful optional extra, and the most useless!

I was adjusting my electric wing mirrors the other day, and it occured to me that in terms of utility, this has to be the best "extra" gadget ever devised. (I know they are more or less standard now). Any on else got :thumright: any nominees for their best/wost gadget?


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Not motoring, but why does my DVD remote have an eject button on it? It'd be OK if it put the blummin' thing back in the box & took it back to Blockbusters- otherwise useless.

Right, I'm off to Argos....
The best - ABS brakes (you NEED them around here)..automatic lights and wipers (loadsa tunnels)..
The worst - Stupid device that beeps if you change lanes without indicating, even if there is no one else around. Luckily it can be switched off.
rosinacarley said:
Ninja_Stoker said:
rosinacarley said:
A foreskin?
Tsk. there's always some porridge eater dragging the standards down, isn't there?
Excuse me - can you please tell me what a foreskin is actually for?
It's a sensitive instrument madam and needs protecting...don't women have little flaps covering sensitive parts?
It's a question as I have no personal knowledge :wink:
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