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Hello folks.

I am currently working with a French guy who is a retired sonar analyst on their boats. We got chatting the other day and I mentioned that I have had in a previous job a few weeks riding s and t boats here and there for reasons I won't go into now.

He asked me a question I don't know the answer to. Do RN submariners have an offical log of time spent underwater? Apparently in the French navy they have a "dive book" with everything logged. He has an old colleague with rather a lot of time dived and wondered if there could be a way of establishing the world record.

What do you think?
The French are renowned for loving paperwork. I have a place there and know what a right pain filling in all of their forms is. That is the answer.


That's clear then. No way of checking. They guy has apparently over 5 years logged which seemed a lot to me but I guess we'll never know. Thanks for your replies anyway!

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