Most Pain You've Ever Experienced

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by carlm, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Robbed from arrse thought some of the post where funny.

    Mine was about a year ago i was in work carrying a cast iron table sliped on some wet and crushed 5 bones in my hand. The thing that made it worth the pain was when the £3,000 cheque came through the letter box :D :D :D
  2. Getting the end of my thumb chopped off when operating the Shell hoist in the 4.5 Gunbay on a frigate 8O - and all I got was a Hurt Certificate and the Sick Bay didn't even let me off work... !! :cry:
  3. Have 2

    1 - When I was a kid, in traction in Hossie. When they removed the tape/plaster/whatever the hell it was, it took 3 layers of skin with it. To this day my legs look like an advert for inmac - OH very jealous :lol:

    2 - About 8 years ago at Rolls-Royce, ruptured 2 discs in base of spine. Spent a week laying on the floor + treatment by a sadist(Oteopath) - back never been right since
  4. Ahhhhh Incoming Women who have givin birth???? Haven't personallly but John Lennon is playing on radio,,, Imagine,,,,,xxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Having an operation with no General or local, it bloody well hurt , had the surgeon telling me to relax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also dislocated my little finger playing sport, it was ninety degrees to my hand, ouch, I passed out :oops: , to the amusement to my team mates :D
  6. Getting caught in the zipper 8O :oops: :cry:
  7. Did they preform amused CPR Rugs??? Seriously that would have hurt like hell!!
  8. Having the "chop"
    1. Long, thin f**k off hypodermic needle goes right into yer bollards
    2. Arched my back off the "Day Case" operating table like I was possessed by Satan in 'The Exorcist'
    3. Doctor (who had a face like Skeletor) smiles sweetly as I eventually straighten my spinal column back out
    4. "And now - for your Starboard Goolie", says he.
    5. Folk who say it don't hurt are lyin' barstewards! :lol:
  9. Watching my wife give birth :D
  10. Putting my back out at work whilst carrying the usual "He/She" cant walk type fatties. Dropped the chair on the deck and was rolling about on the floor. Patient wasn't interested, just wanted another pie the fat fuck!! :evil: :evil:

    Injuring my back in an RTC in 1997 (again) put pay to any hope of carrying on with my military career. :cry: :cry:

    Paddling the river dulais in my kayak, ran a rapid, capsized and hit a large submerged boulder. Rolled the boat ok but broke 3 ribs during the altercation with the rock. 8O
  11. And there you go!!!!
  12. I gave birth this morning, does this count?? :lol: :lol:
  13. What to? Toss-up Tadpoles??? xx
  14. Bit of a deep one this.............but.............

    Watching my four week old baby daughter die in my arms last May
  15. Not something any of use should have to go through, i'm so sorry for your loss.
    I was going to post MY most painful experience but now i've got myself all upset. :(
  16. You have my deepest sympathy. I'm a paramedic and have been on the other side trying desperately to save children.. I'm sorry. :( :(
  17. I had an ingrowing hair on my right knacker sack. It was so swollen they could not use a local and the RN doc thought a general anaesthetic was not required, so he used some of that freeze spray stuff, but by the time he cut into the resulting pus filled cyst that had worn off.
    At this point I would like to appologise to Babs, the lovely Quarn who mopped my fevered brow, for my language.
    The only good part about this was that the pus was under such pressure it sprayed up over his nice white shirt and face. (I'm sure he swallowed some) :lol:
    After much more squezing to get the last of the pus out, and I might add some more fairly ripe language about his parentage from me, he packed the hole with a disinfectant soaked wick. Yes you guessed it more profanity.
    I will now only see a so called naval surgeon if I'm dieing as the nice civvy doc put me out before he did the 3" cyst on my arse.
  18. With Nutty on this. I am so sorry xxx
  19. ............Having to buy a round!

  20. My sincere sympathy for your loss. I can only try to imagine..............

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