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A most interesting run ashore was to Guadalcanal in the, then, British Solomon Islands Protectorate.
Needing a passport to fly to UK, the Cox'n and I took one of the ship's boats to find the Colonial Civil Servant who had a desk , a safe , one blue pen and one red who issued it. Her Majesty's Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty paid for it--presumably.
Guadalcanal was a time warp. Some 10 years after the Japanese and Americans had moved out, the detritus of war remained as they had left it. Little had been utilized. The returning Sisters of Mercy had used a couple of Zero wings to rebuild their devastated landing stage--but that was it. Where US soldiers and Japanese soldiers and marines had fallen, there lay their steel helmets and water bottles.
The lady who owned, what was left of her family hotel-(the Dalrymple Hay's) of early South Pacific surveying fame, gave us a splendid free lunch and sent two of her staff running down to the beach with a hot meal and cold beer for the Stoker we had left with the boat.

Panama City with a bored donkey chewing a carrot being straddled by a young dusky beauty was -different -Guadalcanal remains the most intriguing.
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