Most interesting job?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. just come back from the pub and I'm bored so what's the most interesting job you have had since leaving the Mob?
    Well I once had the job as Musical Director[I was the keyboard player!] at a Midland city Strip Club for a year.
    They had seven diff. strippers on every week including an amateur night,I still get a movement thinking about those housewives nights!
    Every month they had a hard core Porn night for sweaty business men who had their poles pulled or whatever>
    I've seen every shape, size, colour,loose, tight,Pubic artistically shaved you can ímagine.
    Money was great but after a month I went in the dressing room for a pint when they were on!
    It got boring funny to say but it was an interesting job except the dressing room minged a lot and it wasn't from me and the drummer!
    Got to be better jobs you've had than that.
  2. I was once the official snow clearer in Haifa, but can't say it was pleasurable as I caught it at the busy time.
  3. One leave period I managed to get the job of applying the makeup to the girls in "Raymonds Review Bar Soho"

    £10:00 per week, it wasn't much but that's all I could afford to pay ate the time
  4. I am going to be very boring and say that the most interesting job ive done was to look at,touch,admire,drive/operate the tunnel boring machine on the Gothard Tunnel project in Switzerland,sent down with a bunch of Scandinavians to asses the possibility of using a TBM in Norway,end decision was forget it,far too expensive,got a nice two weeks out of it though in beautiful Switzerland,good food,nice beer and some cracking minge :)
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  5. I see what you did there.......boring.........tunnel boring.
    D'you know it gladdens my heart to know I'm not the only fuckin dink on the block.
    The last time we trapped quality minge we used a net and a shotgun.:laughing2:

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