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Im just about to leave school and im drawn between the paras and the marines my mate told me the paras was the hardest training and they are the most elite force in the british army i dont know wot force to join and what one ill get the most out of can anyone help :(


Just a personal opinion but the Booties are an elite in that they are the RNs soldiers. The possibilities and prospects are much more varied than the Paras. As for the training being easier in the RM, I very much doubt it.

Why be a Pongo when you can be one of Gods chosen few and still have plenty of bangsticks to play with.

Get yourself down to the RM training school sharpish.

Thats an order.

:D :D


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Your mate is quite simply incorrect when he says the Paras have harder training than Marines: RM is definitely harder and more elite. If that's what attracts you then go for it. Remember the RM is part of the Navy not the Army, so if you were thinking of transferring to another Army job after a few years you want the Paras.


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Good luck mate , for my advice for what its worth , i am a soldier (and a walt according to some in chat lol) and i have worked with both . In my
experience ive found the Royal Marines to be the easiest to work with .
The paras are good at their job as hard, fast, aggressive troops however
that is there approach to all aspects of soldiering which at times is not
required . The Royal Marines on the other hand can be just as hard,fast
and aggressive,yet they are very flexible in their approach to soldiering.
Also they are not so far up their own arrses like a lot of the Paras .
At the end of the day mate its your choice , however the Royal Marines
tend to have a higher entry standard . Good luck in either .


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I am an ex matelot and have always had the utmost respect for Royals, not really sure why, just have. Perhaps it was coz my great Uncle was a Royal?!?

I have no idea who has the hardest training regime etc.

Only thing I will say and this was a quote from my Uncle...

"Only two things fall out of the sky, bird shit and paratroopers" Enough said.

YOUR choice though mate.
Having fought alongside Paras and my nephew had the bad luck to be one, its us the bootnecks who have the better discipline :roll: :p


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Beejay said:
Having fought alongside Paras and my nephew had the bad luck to be one, its us the bootnecks who have the better discipline :roll: :p

Having gained some insight into the mindset of the Royals on board Bulwark, I have to agree that they are the more disciplined service... some of the methods are questionable in their legality, but they work! :lol:


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Some of the Marines I've encountered have been truly bloody scary - hard as nails and able to think as well. Who would have thought it. I'm just really really glad I'm on the same side as them.