Mosque sends water to flood areas

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Wholeheartedly agree, althought the title sounds a bit iffy!
  2. Am pleased to see this..... yes it does make a good change.. to the spite and vitrol thats the norm...
  3. We do know that the majority of Muslims in this country are not reflected in the attitudes and aims of the extremist end of their faith, but their lack of condemnation when attacks occurr and lack of support for the police who are trying to root them out gives a general impression that they are in agreement with the extremists, or at least giving them silent support.

    It is acts like the one highlighted by Slim which may help to change this perception and also encourage the Muslim 'community' to be less insular. The more they can be seen to be actively involved in the wider community the more they will be seen to have become integrated, easing the suspicion that many of us have of them and promoting understanding.
  4. Thanks Slim its quite a moving article. Anyone know if there is an official relief fund one can donate to????

    Things we take for granted:
  5. Now relief funds.
    How often do we hear about them being set up and the money either not reaching the right people or taking far too long to distribute. Look at the 7/7 fund, people still waiting for a little help.
    I listened to the mayor of Gloucester and he made a little sense. He stated that for some it was the second time is three weeks that they had been flooded. Now that means them having to pay the insurance shortfall twice (shortfall being normally the first £xxx of any claim)
    While this is bad news what I do object to is all those who are complaining that they didn't have insurance. The only genuine reason for not having insurance is if the insurers consider the property to be un-insurable.
    If there is a fund perhaps the fairest way to distribute it would be to give every household which was affected by the floods (must be proven) £500 hardship payment. This would probably meet any insurance excess for those with insurance and for those without allow them to re furnish with second hand goods.
  6. The big problem is the media in general so rarely give a platform to the moderate muslims, whilst letting any radical have free air time because it either sells papers or gets viewers in the ratings war. There does though seem to be a slight change and now there are actually some positive moslem stories getting out, but nothing like as many as there should be.
  7. I went to the house of a Pakistani family on Friday night because one of the women of the house had chest pains. Nicest people you could have met. We were met at the door and offered tea and food which is more than i get from some of the white scroats we have to go out to.

  8. That's it in a nutshell........normal, kind and considerate behaviour from people of any race is not reported by our rabid press. It doesn't sell newspapers.
  9. Speaking of which, do we know if the donation was passed by the Imman?
  10. It may well have been passed by the whole congregation.
  11. I hope the water wasn't passed by anyone.

    I would think clean mineral water would be more useful than stinky pee!!

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