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Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a quick question?

I know this won't apply to most but does anyone know the difference between a Medical Officer who is accredited and one who is a non-accredited practitioner?

I can see the difference's on the pay scales and was just wondering what it was that made you 'accredited'?

Thanks in advance

Do you perhaps have a link you can offer so that we can see what you are looking at, please? Just for clarification.

To be 'accredited' in this sense means to be fully qualified in all respects as either a Consultant, a General Medical Practitioner, or a General Dental Practitioner.
ah that makes sense.

Just seemed odd to have a pay scale for fully qualified (accredited?!) MO's at OF2 level.

Would they really take on consultants and give them Surg Lt, as a starting rank?

Either way thanks for the info.


No, but there are a couple of RAF GPs who are Flt Lts (ie OF2). The RAF has a slightly bizarre way of training GPs which I don't really understand, but there are one or two accredited OF2s about.

Also, one could argue why should consultants not come in as OF2s? If they have no previous military experience, bringing them in at higher rank can be unsettling both for them and those around them. In my opinion, some of the more embarrassing MOs about came in as "star buys"...
I agree with the OF2 starting point AD.

Looking at the AFPRB again and it looks like they also cater for OF5's who are non-acredited - an impressive feat?
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