Mortgages on Mobilisation


I'm in the RMR and I'm thinking about buying a house at the moment.
Does anyone know if I'll be able to get payment protection which will cover me being against being mobilised? Obviously I'll ask the bank as well before I actually sign anything but it would be really useful if someone here had some practical experience of whether it all works smoothly or whether the bank try to say "well you knew you might be mobilised when you took out the insurance, no cash for you."


Well I think RM pay is a fair bit less than my civi pay and I guess I'll have to pay messing and accomodation charges too.

You might well be right and I'll just have to make do. But it seems a shame to be paying for a house I can't live in, so I'm hoping that there is some way round it.


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seajay said:
Well I think RM pay is a fair bit less than my civi pay and I guess I'll have to pay messing and accomodation charges too.

As I understand it, if you're mobilised and your civilian pay is less than your military pay, under RFA96, HM is obliged to make up the difference. By all accounts, you won't spend much on deployment anyway, and (I am prepared to be corrected on this) unless you are commissioned, you don't have to pay messing etc. while deployed.


You would need to check further about the mobilisation issue, but a good place to check about mortgage protection insurance would be The White Ensign Association (see weblink below). They are a charity and can give financial advice to servicemen (and reserves). Not a bad idea to consider your RMR status when taking out insurance, as some insurance companies will try their hardest to wriggle out of paying money....

Hope that helps.


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Ok, so far what I have found out from is the following

"Loss of earnings and benefits
If you are mobilised and your civilian pay is higher than your Service pay, then you can claim the difference. The difference is calculated as a daily amount.

You will also be able to claim for the daily cost of replacing certain benefits in kind that your employer suspends while you are mobilised, such as health insurance, educational fees for a dependent child or accommodation.

The overall amount you can claim for both earnings and benefits is not related to your Service rank; however, it is subject to a cap of £548 per day (equivalent to around £200,000 a year).

If you are serving as a Medical Consultant with the Defence Medical Services, the cap is £822 per day (equivalent to around £300,000 a year).

Self-employed Reservists
If you are self-employed, you can claim as a Reservist for the difference between your Service pay and your earnings from your business. You can also claim as an employer to replace yourself while you are mobilised "

So it seems that financialy we should be getting the same out of the MOD as we would at work.

What I would like to know if anybody who was mobilised for any of the TELICS did indeed get treated this way or is this new regulations. I would particularly like to hear from self-employed/contractors on this one.

I think this sort of info would be of interest to all so please no PMs unless there are special reasons for it.


This is mainly new regulations - partly based on the lessons learned from TELIC where there were some dreadful mistakes in pay etc.

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