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Hello Peeps
I have a question to ask, please dont shoot me if this has been asked i have searched through the "search" option with not many results. so here goes...
I have recently applied to join, have passed RT and have my medical on dec 8th (2009), upon applying, filling forms etc, the RM officer said my mortgage maybe a problem as they count it as bad debt, i am a little reluctant to sell as ive worked so hard to buy this place on my own and i shall rent it out, he also advised my not to mention it when i have my interview, but reading prev posts this sounds like a very bad idea as they do a credit check anyway, so my general wonderment is this really a huge problem. My mortgage is on a five yr fixed rate till jan 2011, (im applying for ACH 2yr waiting) so my mortgage will be alot less than what im paying now anyway, what do you guys think :?:
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