Mortgage and life insurance advice Free.

Six years ago I was a POMA RN SM just about to leave the pusser and take up a job on the rigs doing only medical work. (bliss) 3 months prior to leaving, some old Codger in a car knocked me of a large BMW bike and almost killed me.

Last June following loads of rehab ops and further rehab I managed to find someone who was willing to employ a disabled ex matloe, so now I'm a fully trained and qualified Mortgage Adviser.

So if you want any help with anything to do with mortgages or insurance give me a call and I guarantee to give you only the best advice available.

Even the phone call is free 0800 567 7157

Russ Laye. :thumright:
Re: Mortgage advice. Free whole of market advice.

A short while ago the site owners where looking for someone to moderate this forum.
Perhaps they have found their man
Re: Mortgage advice. Free whole of market advice.

Sounds like Ive posted my self into a job............................not a problem :farao:
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