Morrisons Farmers Milk 28Pence goig direct to the producer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Apr 29, 2016.

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  1. Some time ago Morrisons our local supermarket offered a new product. It was a 2Ltr container of milk which would be priced at 28 pence higher than other milk.
    Stupid idea or what?
    Well ALL of this extra 28Pence would be given directly to the dairy farmers, so not so stupid after all.
    My wife and I duly started drinking this more expensive milk happy that the British dairy farmer would benefit and it may keep more of them in business.

    Today on the television it was reported that thought the FULL 28 pence goes to dairy farmers it does not stay in the UK.
    The total is divided between ALL dairy farmers in the EU
    Buggr that back to the £1 a carton, I wished to help the British farmer not the rest of the EU
    Comes to something when we can't even decide who to give our money to

    Brexit here I come!
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  2. It's about time the supermarkets owned up to the dirty, underhand stunts they pull on growers and producers in the name of profit. Every day in this country several dairy farmers go out of business because the price they are forced to take for top quality milk is so low they have to get out or go bust. It's a total disgrace that the most efficient farming country in the world will soon be importing more milk than it produces just because the major retailers keep the price of milk to the housewife at rock bottom. Would anyone really mind or even notice if milk went up by a couple of pence a pint in order to keep the dairy industry afloat? Assuming of course that the majors acted honestly and passed the extra back to the producer, which as we all know would be pretty doubtful, greedy bastards!
  3. I believe some people would mind an extra few pence on a litre of milk, these are the same people that will spend a couple of quid in petrol driving to save that extra few pence on milk. I truly believe that a very high percentage of consumers don't give a flying f*@k about where and how their food is produced. I do hasten to add that I would happily pay a few p more.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    We are still lucky enough to get ours delivered to the door, three times a week from a local farm less than 5 miles away as the crow flies. They also run a shop by the dairy and the ice cream is a bit tasty.
  5. rab
    I was happy paying the extra 28 pence per container while I thought that this 28 pence was being given to BRITISH farmers.
    However when I found out that it was being given to EU farmers as well I stopped buying it. I feel we are giving more than enough to the FROG farmers by way of payments.
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  6. We still have a traditional village milkman, he buys his milk from an independant dairy who pay their farmers fairly. He says most of the original village residents are loyal customers, most of the incomers are not, whether this is typical I can't say. Sadly our old milko is in his 70's and looking to retire. No-one seems interested in taking on the milkround, which is profitable. Probably no youngsters willing to get up in the morning!
  7. @slim I wasn't having a go at you and applaud what you did, my comments were directed at a large percentage of UK shoppers. The Fair Trade label seems to have taken of for 3rd world products but people seem to forget those closer to home who are exploited by the middle men and retailers.
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