Morris Dancing or incest?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jesse, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. :geek: "Everybody should try everything once;- except incest and Morris Dancing :!: Winston Churchill. Now; oi comes from Yerefudsure where both pastimes are compulsory. :D My dilemma is;- Are Morris Dancers still a bunch of cnuts if they perform to the theme music from the Rocky films :?:Or is incest the more socially acceptable option :?: :(
  2. Morris Dancing is a sure fire bet to get yourself laid and drunk. I knew one once, and he got more pussy dressing like a twunt than ever before.
  3. Two things, it was Thomas Beecham not Winnie and it was folk dancing not the Morris variety. So dance on with impunity and give my regards to your sister.
  4. I think that some of the more peculiar folk customs
    of Great Britain should be amalgamated into brand
    new extreme sporting events.

    I'd pay money to watch a bunch of drongos, dressed
    as Morris Dancers, chasing a f***ing great big cheese
    down a 1:9 hill, with a barrel of blazing tar on their backs
    whilst trying to avoid all the cabers being flung at them
    by a horde of mad kilted Scottish persons.

    Even the Japanese couldn't top that.

  5. Yes they could. They would have you do that after drinking 10 pints of stella and the first one to have a p1ss loses.
  6. :geek: I stand corrected on both counts. But NOBODY LIKES A SMART ARSE :!: :bootyshake:
  7. I do, when it's me.

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